Short but absolutely needed.

My time tracker shows I’ve had mental breakdowns for 29% of my tracked hours this month. I think it’s time to mail them some mistletoe taped to some manure.

(Yes, I’m searching for somewhere else. When I’m able.)

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    This saddens me, you have time to have breakdowns 😢

    Enjoy the deserved holiday 🥳
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    @C0D4 Dedicated category just for it.

    The 29% is a little low, though, because sometimes it happens during meetings, and sometimes I force myself to work through it. So it’s probably closer to 35%?
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    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time, but I'm happy you're well enough to walk out on your own two feet.

    Congrats on the freedom!
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    @sariel Sadly, I’m not free yet. Soon, I hope.
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    Crap, I saw this and thought, "I hope that isn't Root saying that." Unfortunately it was. Sorry to hear that it isn't getting any better yet.
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    How do you measure breakdowns?
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    I'm sure you'll find a better place that actually values your work and is organized. 🤗
    Enjoy your compressed time off.
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    How does a time tracker track mental breakdowns?
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    @iiii @superposition
    The symptoms are extreme and debilitating. (I can list them if you’re interested.) It comes on suddenly, lasts for a few hours, then it all just melts away within 5 minutes and I feel normal again. Some days this happens more than once, especially if I didn’t sleep well. Some days it doesn’t happen at all.
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    Your boss has a dark place in hell waiting for him when he finally dies and I doubt you’re the only one who works there who gets mental breakdowns. Sorry but after reading all these rants about this cancer throwing you under the bus I can’t help but feel that he’s just nothing but a miserable rat turd who would lash out at anyone just to fill an empty void in his dark heart
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    What kind of time trackers you use to measure mental breakdowns?
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    @DEVil666 Timeular. It allows you to track any activity you please. (I really like the tracker die, too)
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    how exactly do you tag which timespans were invested into experiencing mental breakdowns?
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    @Midnight-shcode Either by using the “Breakdown” category (which is black and under my Personal space for easy sorting, not my Employer space), or by having “Breakdown” as the first word of the description of what I was doing during the tracked segment. (Though I didn’t tally those because it was more work than i wanted to put in)
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