HR: Hey you really need to be more sensitive with what you say

Dev: What makes you bring this up?

HR: Well we had a concerned employee overhear you telling one of the interns that the Russian word for “approved” is “blyat”.

Dev: Ah.

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    Careful, the Russians might hear you and think you’re the approving sort!

    (I honestly don’t know why this is a “sensitivity” concern — am I missing something?)
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    @AmyShackles It’s Canada, everything is a sensitivity concern.
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    @AmyShackles We had an employee overhear someone talking about Chinese people eating bats and they took stress leave as a result for example.
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    @boombodies How have you (Canadians) survived this long?
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    @netikras Lots and lots of natural resources. Great people make for good times, good times make lazy people, lazy people make bad times, bad times create great people and the cycle continues.
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    @netikras Maple syrup, eh.
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    Approved, blyat!
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    I found out, blyat, that Russians, blayt, don't have punctuation. Blayt.

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    @magicMirror lmftfy

    *suka, blyat
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    @netikras Thanks for the grammar fix, I wasn’t sure if this was indeed approved or not
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    @magicMirror blyat is punctuation, blyat!
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    If I was HR I'd get you a bottle of vodka from the capital straight away.
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    Dev to the colleague: "listen, sorry, i was wrong about that russian word for approved. it's actually 'cyka', go fix it before someone gets offended"
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    @rEaL-jAsE "using a curse word from any launguage other than english is racist!"

    yeah, sounds about what the donuts involved in this kind of donuttery would say =D

    (i don't mean you, i mean whoever you were talking about)
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    @Midnight-shcode perkele! (Finnish)
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    dude, I've been watching One F Jef since he started making let's plays, I've known "Perrrkele, saaaatana!", for at least a decade now =D
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    Canadians and maple syrup is an insensitive stereotype. I'm feeling triggered and stressed now, I'll be taking some leave to recover.
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    @bittersweet what about Canadians and apologizing?
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    Is the Canadian apologizing on behalf of someone else, because they're virtue signalling? Or because they made an edgy joke and need to be cancelled?

    I feel conflicted about this.

    But I can't apologize for my conflicted feelings, because that would be cultural appropriation of the beautiful, rich, respected Canadian tradition of the apology.
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    @bittersweet I was going to go outside and get fresh air. I decided to stay in and read your comments instead. Thank you!
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