Up for a rollercoaster?

I had a super motivated day where i could focus and wanted to get my work done. My stupid work lappy instead kept throwing tantrums and totally prevented me from working. (Everything caused disk thrashing, took multiple minutes instead of seconds, etc.) Total shit day, but I felt great.

Next morning, I woke up all achy and cold. Ignored it and went to work. I was able to fix everything, and got my benchmarks running smoothly in all of fifteen minutes. Got good results, too! Left work and got married at the courthouse. :)

Went to a restaurant afterward, and two jolly fat guys (Off-duty Santa?!) bought us lunch.

Got home and… started feeling really awful. A little while later, I had a 102*f fever. Collapsed on the floor with an electric blanket and was absolutely miserable. Just kind of stared for hours, aching everywhere. Eventually went to bed, and my wife (!) made me all warm and comfy. And then I proceeded to be completely unable to sleep. Or move. Or think. Laid there for four hours unable to move, and shaking violently at any touch of cold air.

Now it’s 1am and I’m here at the freezing kitchen table writing this.

I am miserable.
Absolutely miserable.
But still happy, too!


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    Sounds pretty bad. Get better soon
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    Holy rollercosters!
    Grats on getting married, fuck that laptop, thank the fat guys, and feel better soon!
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    "I woke up all achy and cold. Ignored it and went to work."

    Do you guys not have covid tests or procedures for this? If you have it you've just spread it to others :S
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    Fuck the disease!
    Congratulations on getting married though, I'm very happy for you :)

    Any post-covid honeymooning plans?
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    Congratulations on your marriage :)

    I have a question for when you recover, why were you at work on your wedding day?
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    Please take care, Root
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    And you should go to a doctor...
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    @ojt-rant I work remotely.

    @Floydimus Ha. I just let them know I wouldn’t be around — and kicked off some benchmarks at the same time because it was easy.

    @bioDan Absolutely! We’ll have a more involved ceremony when our friends can travel again.

    @GyroGearloose I should. It feels like a standard flu though; I’m not very worried. Just really miserable.

    @magicMirror @iiii Thanks! I’m trying.
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    @Root flu is more dangerous than covid...
    If your that bad you should check it out.
    Also is you got a virus or flu that strong, if you get also covid, caput, bye bye, see ya in hell...
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    @GyroGearloose Sweet sweet release
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    @Root get well soon babes.
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    suddenly freezing. not working. Unable to put to sleep. slow ... Maybe you caught whatever you laptop had?
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    @Root Congratulations on your marriage! 😊
    Get well soon!
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    Also, i see some poetry in the fact that the first day of marriage, when life made you feel like shit, your wife made you feel warm and comfy.

    May it be like that (and mutually) for all the following days of your marriage πŸŽ‰
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    @Midnight-shcode Now that she’s sick and fevery, I’m doing the same and bringing her blankets and smoothies and honey. :)

    I’m a little better than yesterday. Still pretty miserable though. I’ll probably take tomorrow off work, too.
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    So many things here, so happy for your marriage! Congrats! But I am sad that you are sick. Hoping for a speedy recovery and also hopping that is just a fever rather than something serious. Keep us posted
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    Happy marriage to you two! Get better soon, and whatever it is, stay off work as long as you need to heal!
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    better late than never, @Root congrats on the marriage. ^^
    get well soon, ladies.
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    @rootofskynet Still not well, but working on it.
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