"Hey, Root, someone screwed up and now all of our prod servers are running this useless query constantly. I know I already changed your priorities six times in the past three weeks, but: Go fix it! This is higher priority! We already took some guesses at how and supplied the necessary code changes in the ticket, so this shouldn't take you long. Remember, HIGH PRIORITY!"

1. I have no idea how to reproduce it.
2. They have no idea how to reproduce it.
3. The server log doesn't include queries.
4. The application log doesn't include queries.
5. The tooling intercepts and strips out some log entries the legendary devs considered useless. (Tangent: It also now requires a tool to read the logs because log entries are now long json blobs instead of plain text.)
6. The codebase uses different loggers like everywhere, uses a custom logger by default, and often overwrites that custom logger with the default logger some levels in. gg
7. The fixes shown in the ticket are pretty lame. (I've fixed these already, and added one they missed.)
8. I'm sick and tired and burned out and just can't bring myself to care. I'm only doing this so i don't get fired.
9. Why not have the person who screwed this up fix it? Did they quit? I mean, I wouldn't blame them.

Why must everything this company does be so infuriatingly complicated?

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    Recently I realized in the middle of stand-up, while reading a story out, that I have absolutely zero fucks to give about this issue, and any issue on the board.

    I literally stopped in the middle once I realized this and said, "does anyone care about this story?"

    Silence, still not sure if it was out of apathy or shock. So when nobody answered, I just deleted it and moved on.

    At this point, I really really don't give a shit about what happens to this product.

    Management hasn't listened to me for years about an upgrade path. The source was written almost 20 years ago.

    They have no desire to upgrade the framework. They have no desire to hire more devs. They have stalled my requests to migrate to better platforms seven different times.

    I'm done, my watch had ended. This app, this company, this product can all go straight to hell. My tank is empty, this world has gone to shit, and I'm coasting on empty down the hill and off the cliff.

    What lies at the bottom, I do not care.
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    You seem to always be forced to take on everyone else’s responsibilities. Weren’t you asked to fix a UI thing a couple weeks ago? They already have designers, but they chose you!
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    @root fuck. just.... Fuck. At least you are feeling better?
    @sariel hand in your resignation, and move on.
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    @magicMirror I have been looking, everything that was in my price range a year ago is now 20-40k less for the same jobs.

    "There's a worker shortage"

    Mother fuckers don't want to pay.
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    @root Sound like a reason to request a massive raise. If they feel that only you are able tobsolve it, it would be only fair.
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    @sariel Why do you have to hijack this rant?
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    @PonySlaystation didn't mean to. I'll delete whatever anyone wants me to.
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    @sariel No need. :)
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    @sariel my manager was all about upgrading. He was actually able to convince up management. But then he left. Now I'm pretty much in your shoes.

    We talk about about what we did yesterday, and now I often feel like nobody really cares. And now I don't really care.
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    Take care, try not to become Luisa Madrigal :) youtu.be/tQwVKr8rCYw
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    Root, I give up.
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