Manager: I can’t believe you use Linux, that is such an outdated operating system. You need to get with the times and move to a more modern one like Windows or Mac. Literally NOBODY uses Linux anymore, do you still go to Blockbuster Video too? Ha!

Dev: …

I’m starting to realize that 80% of my job is resisting the urge to punch this guy in the face. Thanks goodness for remote work.

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    Uneducated and ignorant. That's annoying AF
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    Just show him the timestamp on one of the release notes
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    Yeah? But does Windows or MacOS support Floppy Drives? No? Thought so...
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    Your job is really hard. I don’t want to be in your skin.
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    Btw you could also show that guy some numbers on how many "literally nobodies" use linux.
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    Just ask him if Linux is so outdated why is it still being used? Shouldn't everyone use Windows now since it's so old. It might mean that something is wrong with Windows since so many people are still using Linux...
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    @sariel In his opinion Linux is only used by special snowflakes hipsters who get off on being unnecessarily difficult
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    @Lensflare He’s already made up his mind, numbers and facts aren’t going to change that. I’ve tried
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    @darrenrahnemoon “We have a wrapping machine in the warehouse that still maintained too, doesn’t mean it’s any good”
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    @theKarlisK Society peaked at the Floppy Disk era lol
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    @Lensflare I mean, it does pay relatively well. I bet I’m the highest paid babysitter in the world
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    @boombodies society peaked when we still lived in trees.
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    @tosensei we still live in trees. Huge concrete+steel high tech trees.
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    @boombodies he's not wrong πŸ˜…

    I do like to be difficult...
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    @Lensflare well - if you want to call that "living"?
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    @boombodies it was totally tubular wasn't it....
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    @sariel lmao I knew someone would say this.

    Managers never complain when snowflakes ssh into prod and save the day though.

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    @boombodies this is something that I literally do everyday. Infact, it's become so typical that they just expect it.

    Comments like yours just remind me of how much value my skills could bring a company that actually appreciates them.
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    That really is crazy, i hope he is not a manager of the development team or someone you have to deal with often.

    I am not even a Linux user but this is just absurd, I even can imagine a time that Linux will be mainstream
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    @aBrokenDonut Linux is mainstream as fuck. Only place where it is not is desktop and perhaps laptop.
    People just don't call it Linux when it's
    Chrome OS
    OpenWRT or router manufacturer Linux
    Car entertainer/nav system
    Most of web/application infrastructure
    Smart themos/tv/vacbot/whatever

    Most people that have not heard of Linux are having 5 devices running it in our around their house
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    @hjk101 oh definitely true, but you also know that that is not the mainstream we are talking about or the Linux we are talking about.

    I can even imagine that the manager in this story had there products running on a Linux server 🀣
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    @aBrokenDonut Product Owner, “Benevolent” Dictator, and Senior Manager all rolled into one I’m afraid.
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    @aBrokenDonut Oh all our products definitely run on linux in the cloud but I don’t dare bring that up. He thinks that since you can access our servers through windows it’s a windows server and lets just keep it that way. I ain’t changing over to windows containers, no fuckin way. I mentioned it one time and he didn’t believe me and was shocked but has since forgotten. I’m not touching that subject with a 40ft pole now.
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    my time to shine!
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    Time to cash on your manager! Ask him to provide you the new 32GB/1TB 16" MBP. Sweet sweet deal.
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    @the-qwerty-guy That’s what he uses and that thing throttles all the time, it’s junk
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    @Lensflare imagine his reaction. Priceless πŸ˜€
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    @sariel he is neither right
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    @boombodies what if they type another command by mistake and they blow the prod up?

    Wouldn’t like to be in their shoes than.
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    Stares intensely into the enterity of the internet
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    @jonathands have you found something interesting other than porn? πŸ˜€
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    @macfanpl the metaverse... come brother, you must join us
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    @jonathands no fucking way! πŸ˜€
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    Tell him the customer gives zero fucks to what is used as soon as the product works.
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