I've never been a frontend guy, I only could modify existing FE code and had some clues about how to write a hello-world using angular.

I've just refactored ~150 files in an Angular project, created half a dozen new modules and modularized lots of loose artefacts.

And after recompiling the project still works! And is now more maintainable!

I think I now can safely add "Angular" to my resume :)

P.S. Damn it, Angular is cool!!!

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    I think this is the first time I've ever seen anyone say "Angular is cool"

    But hey, if you like it, that's cool
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    @swagnette Why do people not like Angular? Genuine question
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    @netikras most likely same as why some hate MacOs or windows.

    Maybe they don't like that google made something good...

    I never managed to get angular started.

    Even tried react but failed.

    But on the other hand, vuejs was not a problem.

    So for me Vuejs is cool :P
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    Angular is JS, so it can't be cool.
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    @Grumm i read somewhere that vuejs was created with angular in mind or something like that?

    It's the same story for me, vue is my goto and i never got my hands on angular.
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    If you "like" react but dont understand why people like Angular, come back in a few years, youll see why - you "liked" React and "disliked" Angular for all the wrong reasons.

    My point? All the stuff you get out of the box with Angular you have to tool yourself (or with numerous libraries) with React. "But thats the cool part!" Not when you can do this portion 1000 different ways with 1000 different tools. This "freedom" 99% of the time leads to the ill fated "mess" and "garbage collection" posts we love and cherish so much on here. So dont hate either frameworks, but rather know the pitfalls of each.
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    @nitwhiz yup! Created by an ex Google engineer which took the best of angular & the jsx from react.

    If I have to be honest I find che a bit confusing/hard to manage… but maybe I am biased due to the fact I did a very old project with it
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    @nitwhiz Depends on the use-case I think.

    My project was to make a static single page website. And wanted to try a new technology. The fastest I managed to learn was nuxtjs (vue js framework)

    But in the future, I will probably try Astro.build.

    That framework seems like the golden egg for minimal js based websites.
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