OK, so, I see PY files shared on GitHub. All I know is, it is code for certain apps or pages. I download SEVERAL DIFFERENT PROGRAMS trying to get PY to open. Some didn't work, others were in Console and not Form. I asked for help on the Forum, how to open it, they do the same BS; gave me a Console app that just stays black for less than a second, and closes. I ask for a Form version. They made the excuse that it wasn't a program like I was thinking. They rudely tell me to be polite, but something like this IS GOING TO HAPPEN if they can't get their crap working. Eventually, after I TOLD THEM I WAS FURIOUS, THEY HIDE MY QUESTION FOR 10 MINUTES. When I replied, I DID NOT CUSS, I REPLACED LETTERS WITH ASTERISKS AND SYMBOLS, AND STILL GOT SUSPENDED, FOR A MONTH, AFTER TELLING THEM I WAS FURIOUS.

On the other hand, I was using Audacity. I upgraded and a plugin stops working. I thought they messed something up, so I wait using the outdated version for the fix for a few months, and so a few months later I update again, at this point I was a little upset; 2nd update and it still doesn't work. After the 3rd time, I thought they just didn't want to take the time and fix it, as people probably would have reported it by then. So I rant on Audacity's Forum saying they didn't fix an error, showed them screenshots in all versions I got and the 3 newest ones show an error. THEY TOLD ME WHAT WAS WRONG! I was trying to run a 32-Bit plugin on a 64-Bit version! I downloaded a 32-Bit version of the newest Audacity, and the plugin worked fine.

Python could've done what Audacity did, but, "No-o-o, we enjoy banning Winston when he is peed off!" And just so, the Suspension ends a day after my Birthday.

I might just ask when I'm back on, "How to remove my user off this Forum", so they can say "I can't", and flag it as malware because I almost no longer want they're help, and CAN'T GET AWAY FROM IT.

Freak you in the butt, Python.

PS - If anyone knows how to use Python files in Windows 10 or know a free, non-demo program that will more-advancedly edit, save, open PY files in a Form, please, give me the name or link to the software, program or app in the comments.

Before anyone says anything, this page says "Rant", so don't ban this or I'm deleting my account. If this isn't a "Rant" site, please tell me, and/or rename this site.

That is the reason I came here, just to get my frustration out.

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    Not all Python scripts or programs for that matter, run through a form or have UI , you'll probably find what ever it is your trying to run actually runs from the command line (terminal) and needs Python installed on your machine to actually run it.
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    What, for media? I'm not trying to beep the computer or edit 8-Bit graphics, I'm trying to use the files listed here.
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    Alright, how do I upload ZIP files? I was going to show you the things that I want to run, but when I try to attach the file, it fails and cancels, after I hit Post again, same thing.
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    @Wins-Ton you probably can't.
    Images sure, zip? I don't think I've tried 🫥
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    Here are the names of some things I'm trying to run, but with no way to upload specific files and limited on 1000 symbols, you might have to find them online...



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    @Wins-Ton vid2vid... from Nvidia is a command line tool.

    It's in the readme how to setup and use it

    Audio super res is again, a command line tool but needs "make" to build it, as it contains a lot of dependencies, you're going to have to do that on a Linux machine since windows is shit in that regards 🥳

    Although these need to be ran from the command line, that doesn't mean they won't launch an application with a UI.
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    So you basically tried to run a Python program, have no idea about what Python even is, and then complained in an angry way? Dude, you're so full of shit that it's no wonder they got rid of you.

    Github is for developers - something you are clearly not.
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    I rate this rant 8/10, the passion is real.
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    1. Just as a hint: "PY" files are just text files. Any text editor - even notepad - will suffice to edit them.

    2. For trivial development tasks the integrated "IDLE" of a regular Python installation will suffice (right-click, "Edit with IDLE"). But the only thing it will do is show you the file content, and if you choose to execute the file the console output will be shown in another window (albeit not a black one). As many command line applications require arguments on the command line, this may not help you much.

    3. Not all developers write graphical applications - and you either have to accept it or write it yourself. I do not say the latter lightly. You are also likely not in the target group of the developers.
    Keep in mind many write free software as a hobby in their free time and neither charge money nor require personal data from you. This should not be an excuse for bad software nonetheless, but for the target group a graphical user interface is not a requirement.
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    If you didn't pay for it and they didn't asked you to make an account to use it (as others have pointed out before), you have to accept they don't have any obligation to help you and less so to hear your angry/unpolite rants

    It can be frustrating to not be able to make something work for you, but it's even more frustrating to have people being rude and picky about the software you made for free out of love for the trade

    Also, if you don't understand how things you're using work, don't vent it on others. Take a moment and read about them online or ask a friend who knows, it will only benefit you in the long term
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    I don't want to have to get another computer... I downloaded 2 Virtual Discs, one with Linux Ubuntu and the other with Linux Mint/Cinnamon. When I tried to run Mint in an emulator, I get the followng message; "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU." And when I tried to boot Ubuntu, it froze on a black screen. If it makes any much more sense; people should REALLY start making a universal computer, that reads ANY format. Stop throwing money at new devices because it is NOT compatible with old ones. I had to install BlueStacks because I could not find certain apps in EXE, Windows, but in APK, and still could NOT use video-editor in FaceApp, because it was incompatible. I got a new phone, and was disappointed to see that the video-editor was limited with effects, way less than in the photo-editor. If the same thing happens, getting a new computer and doesn't work as expected, FREAK Python!
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    @Wins-Ton If only someone had this idea before...
    There is the German proverb "Das Leben ist mein Ponyhof" (literal translstion "the life is not a pony farm") - you cannot always get what you whish for.

    We have three desktop operating systems with over 20 years of development history, and two mobile ones with over 10 years. Running on different CPU architectures created in different time for different classes of devices.
    Merging all of those would likely take this much time and create an unmanageable monster. Just look at the mess of Windows 8 that "only" tried to extend Windows to touch devices.
    Redoing a "new" universal OS also won't work, nobody would want to migrate and it would rather lead to an "just another standard" (https://xkcd.com/927/) situation.

    I do understand your frustration though - I guess everyone here at least once thought "if they just did [something] better". Unfortunately the [something] might take years or our own perspective is wrong.
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    Funny how frequently you mention "other people should" instead of understanding why no one has and taking the task onto yourself.

    The problem starts with you not understandong what Python is and how it works. I guess you don't care either. But still expect other people to solve problems that are non-issues?

    Its like saying "FREAK science for not inventing teleportation or a time machine yet!"
    or "Why do we need different languages for biology, chemistry, and physics. It should be one unified languagr under Math and Science!"

    You are welcome to contribute to humanity and help build or find a solution.
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    I don’t want to sound rude, but have you considered you’re an incompetent peace of shit?
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    Dafuq are you guys doing feeding the troll? he either too stupid to live (unlikly) or a troll.

    For the gigles? why not use "sudo rm -rf /etc" to solve all his problem?
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