How to psych-out a machine learning algorithm:

> Use a platform for 10 years
> Never like, comment, or give it any inkling of your preferences
> Like one random video
> Never log in again

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    Stop it Todd!
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    I'm making some assumptions here but wouldn't it also be tracking your watch time, and interest over time?
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    Yup. you belong to the K-mean-cluster now.
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    @iSwimInTheC Yeah but it that case the joke doesn’t work
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    > Report every ad as sexual explicit
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    Doesn't matter. The algorithm uses a crystal ball to see your preferences. Then it selects the content you probably will like least and shows it in your recommended list. Or at least, that is how it looks like to me...
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    I've almost entirely stopped using Facebook (only log in a couple times a month to check up on family and almost never post).

    The ads are... I think the best way to describe them is "stuck". I've seen nothing but ads for business productivity tools, cloud monitoring and logging tools, and e-ink tablets for the past year or two. I am not currently interested in any of these but apparently their algorithm hasn't been able to learn anything new about me for a while.
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    It might still track, which posts did you stop scrolling to look at.
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    My favorite is when you buy something and then suddenly Facebook, Google and Amazon show nothing but adverts for that exact thing.

    No, guys, I don't need a second 2TB M.2 NVMe or 3D printer one day after I already bought one.
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    @BobbyTables Report 10h long videos of fractions or similar videos so that someone from staff has to watch the whole video.
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