Google.... yawn...
Big Tech... yawn...

What's new and exciting these days?

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    Deez nuts
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    create something new we could all be excited about ;)
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    @lambda123 "There are hot Amazonians in your area..."
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    Honestly, we innovated and disrupted so fast, that our attention span reduced significantly while we constantly seek dopamine shots.

    Having said that, there's nothing in tech that excites me anymore.
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    @Floydimus yes and no... The end products of these innovations are buggy and half assed.

    It's like that tree and swing analogy...

    Promising too much but not delivering...
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    These niche yet open devices that have been released lately (Steam Deck, Panic Playdate etc.)
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    Icq app ah oh
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    @Stuxnet that joke died a century ago
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    @Floydimus replace tech with life
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    Started creating VR games in Unity. Having fun so far!
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    @DEVil666 cry about it.
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    @Nihil75 also check UE 5.
    Im having fun with the AR tutorials
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    @bioDan It's got too many features, and takes a strong machine to run.

    With Unity I can focus on the actual game, it's light so I can leave it open in the background and get back to it when I have a moment.

    Plus it uses C# which I'm having a lot of fun with.
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    @gogokun Super easy.

    There's a lot of game-specific stuff to learn,

    But I find my previous experience translates well to programming for games.

    On infra/ops/networking/security - the game world actually feels a bit behind!

    They don't use many tests, no cicd builds, basic collab workflows, and client/server networking is either simple HTTP requests or black-magick.

    You won't get to use a lot of your infra/ops skills, but security you might.

    Edit: mind you I'm working solo. Actually getting a job with no experience is tricky.
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