Why can't there be a more interesting non-alcoholic beverage than coffee?!

I find coffee awful.

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    My gf is just the same. You're both dumb. :)
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    @ScriptCoded you still like both of us, so our dumbness is irrelevant now.
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    what do you mean by "more interesting"? There's green and black tea, there are always many iterations of coffee like latté, Chai Latté even, Capuccino and so on that don't taste as strong as black coffee or in case of Chai Latté they taste delicious. And there's also energy drinks that come in many flavors and strengths, some even in coffee flavor xD

    Not sure what you're looking for. There's a change you only find coffee "interesting" because you don't like it, so you can't have it, which makes you want it, but can't, because you won't...

    in that case only beverages that you dislike will ever be interesting to you!
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    @Hazarth Or because it's the publicly accepted social drink
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    Soft drinks??
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    @ScriptCoded Perhaps, but it's not *that* magical. Coffee is not cocaine, which is perhaps why it was more easily adopted everywhere. And let's be honest, the more coffee you drink, the less you can feel it's effects. I know too many people that drink coffee specifically to sleep better xD
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    It's kinda irritating.

    Coffee isn't coffee. The same like alcohol isn't alcohol and tea isn't tea.

    I'm experimenting since ... 7 years I think? With coffees. Imports from the whole world, mostly supporting non world trade market organizations, so vendors who work directly with the local farmers.

    I still find blends and beans I haven't tasted before.

    I think most extreme was "wild" coffee growing near to a field of citrus fields...

    It tasted like ice tea. XD fucked my brain extremely.

    Tea is the same... Though it isn't my forte.

    The usual trouble is just paying for it.

    The world market prices are - nicely put - morally and ethically the worst humanity has to offer.

    Sometimes I dabble a whole day looking up different new companies, researching etc.

    It's not unusual that I buy coffee for a minimum of twice the price you'd pay at the supermarket, up to three times.

    But is it worth it? Fuck yeah.
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    @PonySlaystation I think the keyword should be yerba not mate
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    coca tea
    poppy tea

    the problem is that drugs are illegal
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    @IntrusionCM Like this guy says, if you go into tasting and try to explore the ranges and different flavors it is quite magical. Although its probably even more expensive per gram than expensive coffee, it is my forte so feel free to ask
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    Horlicks for the newbie
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    Just blend your own caffiene, suger, water crap.
    Also - open source beer is a thing.
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    You could drink Dihydrogenmonoxid.
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    Try urine
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    I love your comment!

    Not that i like coffee or tea in particular, but just the sheer amount of love you have for the hobby (because at this point, given the time, resources and brain space you dedicate to coffee, it's definitely a hobby) it's just weirdly energising!

    Cheers, my friend!
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    Seems like I stirred the hornet's nest. Lol

    @Hazarth dafaq is chai latte? Mixing milk tea with coffee? Why do you have commit such crimes?
    By interesting I mean something I can keep drinking without side effects and also tastes better.

    @12bitfloat soft drinks have sugar. I am a hydro homie.

    @PonySlaystation what's mate? We don't get it here..

    @IntrusionCM insightful comment. Doesn't that apply to chocolate as well?

    @neriald what is Yerba now?

    @vane how more effective/ineffective coffee should be to qualify as a drug?

    @matt-jd fair point. However, I am looking for more frequent consumption than exploration/experimentation.

    @ojt-rant now we talking. Love those milk flavours. Bad news: Lactose intolerance.

    @ostream straight to deathbed. Fuck yeah! Tighten your belts everyone.

    @magicMirror tee totaler on this side.

    @happygimp0 aha! Fellow hydro homie. That's what I survive on.

    @electrineer tried. Tastes same as coffee.

    @KennyTheBard +1
    Passion for hobbies is rare to find.
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    > "I find coffee awful."

    Then you haven't put enough sugar/honey in it.

    Still awful? Quality cream (not the oily coffee mate stuff)

    Still awful? Drop in a couple of 'Fun Size' milky way bars.

    Still awful? You might be a zombie. Its best you find this out now. You're welcome.
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    As someone who loathes coffee (literally nauseates me, don't tell me I've just had the wrong stuff): tea. I love the variations available, including things that aren't actually tea but can be made the same way. Chai latte, lapsang souchong, even rooibos. If you hate milk or cream then I can't help lol

    Edit: autocorrect
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    @dootlurk Does drinking tea cause you to use the letter "u" more?
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    @Floydimus there is still a lot of different cheap teas from china with very different flavor that you can get for around 50€/kg that you can drink with a lot of variation, each mountain (even differents parts of a mountain) have significant differences
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    @dootlurk you've just had the wrong stuff
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    @Demolishun no? I didn't even use colour, through, or favour!
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    @electrineer I aspire to be as good a troll as you someday. lol
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    >By interesting I mean something I can keep drinking without side effects and also tastes better.

    you're literally just saying you want to drink something, anything, that specifically isn't coffee...

    coffee without side effects and that tastes better is anything from water, through tea and soft drinks up to most hard liquors depending on your subjective tastes and preferences xD... wat
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    Fairlife Chocolate Milk 😊
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    @Floydimus Blasphemy! True hydro homies only drink natural water
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    @12bitfloat I'd like an H2O too!
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    @12bitfloat I thought milk was actually pretty good for restoring hydration. If you can tolerate it.
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    @theKarlisK H2O2!
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    @theKarlisK (it was a reference to the H2O2 joke 😄)
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    @Demolishun No idea what that is. we don't get that here.

    @Flake Energy drink? More sugar stuff.. nooooo.

    @PaperTrail I think I'll stick to water then :(

    @dootlurk I can manage tea to some extent. Coffee makes me jittery. There were times when I liked black coffee, but no more.

    @matt-jd I'd love to experiment those. But not coffee.

    @Hazarth Soft drinks have crazy amounts of sugar in them. I don't consume alcohol so that one is out too. I think I'll stick to water or Horlicks. lol

    @phat-lasagna Oh yes! That's a good one. I think I found it now..

    @12bitfloat Where did I commit bhlasphemy?

    @PonySlaystation lol
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    Buy a blender, and try natural and mixed things, you'll love them
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    @Floydimus If coffee makes you jittery, tea should affect you, too.

    Arabica coffee beans have less caffeine than robusta. Most robusta beans have a very earthy and strong flavor - with up to 4 times of caffeine. Arabica beans are more expensive, but usually my preferred choice.

    Mixing different types of coffee beans, aka blend, thus affects the caffeine level, too.

    Roasting makes only a negligible difference in caffeine amount - a dark roast (thus longer and higher temperature) could contain slightly less caffeine, but that shouldn't make any notable difference.

    It is a bit more difficult in tea - as it depends on the plant, the brewing time and the amount of tea leaves you use.

    Usually the amount of caffeine is less than regular coffee.

    E.g. Ceylon Assam has a very high caffeine content, same for the various green tea plants.
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    @Floydimus no idea why people try to get you onboard with the coffee stuff there are plenty of alternatives like true Indian spiced chai or alcohol free whiskey
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    @hjk101 bruh who drinks alcohol free whiskey
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    @Floydimus my friend, there is now a plant based horlicks. No dairy, made with oats :)
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    You’re probably drinking awful coffee
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    La Croix sparking water seems to check all your boxes. The flavor qualities vary a lot but the orange flavor is good and abundant. There is a Cherry limeade flavor that is really good and a key lime flavor that is a winner as well. 0 cals, 0 sodium (other brands wish they were as good as La Croix)

    Also reduced calories Body Armor brand has less or no artificial sweetener and like 20 Cals. Some sodium like 3% dv
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    @jeeper u mean to tell me you would pick la croix over Topo Chico, Perrier, and San Pellegrino?!?
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    @phat-lasagna for anything flavored, yes absolutely La Croix is the best. For plain sparking… Topo Chico is great, I need to try them side by side in a glass to see. Chico comes in a glass bottoms so it seems nicer of course.
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    @phat-lasagna people that like drinks with complex flavours however cannot or should not drink alcohol.

    Also a lot of people drink alcoholic drinks not for the taste but for the notion of alcohol: look how tough I am/let's get shit faced. It's why staple big brands stuff like Bacardi and Smirnoff or whiskey/wine at your local watering hole is harsh crap.
    I'm not saying alcohol cannot greatly elevate flavour but it's possible to have a drink without alcohol that easily beats the a lot of alcoholic drinks.
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    @jeeper glass bottom lol, that's an interesting display.
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    @jeeper In terms of bubble/mineral quality la croix ranks low for me IMO…Try Spindrift for flavor (especially on a sunny day at the beach with a touch of vodka/gin) - your goddamn mind will be blown.
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    Milk oolong tea
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    @IntrusionCM agreed, but tea has very less caffeine than coffee and at least it's smells good.

    @hjk101 lol yes. India has variety of tea in every form. I think I could happily live with green tea.

    @ojt-rant not sure whether science has advanced so much or is it just sarcasm. It's 2022 so cannot really say.

    @jeeper probably. From one of the largest coffee chains of India, known as Café coffee day aka CCD. I wish we got all those flavours in here.
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    @Floydimus my girl is the same I've learned to ask "which type of green tea would you like?"
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    @ojt-rant that must be bad when even the hipsters chose to run away back to their house
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    @electrineer they're running TOWARDS their house. To make the drink.

    Sidenote - doesn't it look like they're running on water
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    @ojt-rant that's a path straight to their front door so they're on their own front yard. And they're running away from the cup
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