i had this weird dream. i invented a programming language that was connected to the physical world. every time an object was instantiated during runtime, a 3D printer would print this object immediately in real time, into the void of a confined space without gravitation (like a physical stack, but not like a stack). if this object was passed objects as function parameters of its methods, these little objects were printed as well and temporarily moved into the orbit of this object, orbiting it like electrons or little moons.

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    You need an vacation.
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    Seems like you are overworked and need a break.
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    But how do you 3D print HasThisTypePatternTriedToSneakInSomeGenericOrParameterizedTypePatternMatchingStuffAnywhereVisitor objects?
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    @electrineer dunno, maybe something like this? XD
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    @stop @Floydimus how do you come to this conclusion? don't you sometimes dream of coding or of your work? (i rarely do btw)
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    @soull00t i only dream of work when i reached an unhealthy level of work(more than 3 consecutive days of work taking lomger than 10 hours).
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    @soull00t such dreams are often times referred to as nightmares.
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    that sounds kinda cool.
    what happened to orbiting parameters when the function ended and they went out of scope?
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    Physical programming ftw
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    The annoying thing about visualizing program state, and a huge problem with initial state configuration systems like the Unity editor is that almost none of the things we picture as hierarchical actually are.
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    An extremly fascinating dream.

    When I work late I dream of progamming but it's not visual in any way but putely abstract. Which is very unconfortable.
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    In Lisp, everything is a function.

    In your language, everything is an object.

    In PHP, everything is a terrible mistake.
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    lol imagine php having these properties
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    This would be pretty cool to make as a Minecraft mod
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    @Midnight-shcode maybe dissolved in acetone and poured into a filament mould
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    @soull00t That graphic is an accurate description of the worst codebase in my company. I'm tempted to sneak that into a system design document just to see what QA will say. :)
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    @Floydimus hmm it didn't feel like a nightmare. i was a bit excited after waking up, like this could actually be an interesting idea.. (for whatever weird use case xD)
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    @Midnight-shcode unfortunately i woke up before i could find out. since it felt like a little piece of outer space, maybe tiny objects would leave the orbits again and be sucked in by black holes, which would be the destructors?
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    @theKarlisK haha love this metaphor...
    container running on you is your consciousness and Dockerfile is your neuronal configuration. container is down and reconfigured every night. guess you removed too much XD alcohol also tends to remove random parts of the Dockerfile..
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    I really like this idea actually, for some reason it got me creative
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    @jase I could't even do the first part, finding an association between erotic and programming.
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    But @jase, did *you* find this association? And what happened? (Do I want to know?)
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    This topic reminded me of a dream a had years ago: Everyone in the world has animal-ish companion with them, something pokemon-esque. But they called them databases, as they where the embodied and living datasets of all data their owners produced. Like a neuronal network trained out of your social media data to mimic you except that it wasn't a program but a little monster with special powers.

    Me and others who where devs before the world changed where database-admins now, persons who can tame and tweak those companions by manipulating the inherent data. Like okay my little monster is to much racist because I am, but I want to have it less shitty, so please delete some of my racists posts from it, so it will become better. Or whatever, the example is not directly from the dream, just to explain the principle as I remember it.

    It was a dirty job though.
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    @horus omg, this is fucking awesome *_*

    reminds me a bit of philip pullman's golden compass trilogy, where dæmons (also animal companions) are external manifestations of peoples' spirits... it's like this, but in a profane, technically feasible way xD

    i like the idea that the companion would actually change its behavior and appearance, depending on what database entries about the person exist. and that devs just do some queries to "tame" or transform a companion. they are like magicians in this world. (hm. a bit like devs in our world ^^)
    why was it a dirty job? (except the messing with production databases part^^)

    i can also imagine this in a magic realism / cyberpunk setting.
    can someone please write a novel about that XD
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    @soull00t I am working in the novel myself...

    I said it was a dirty job because we had to deal with the dirty secrets of poeple, but primarily because it was seen dirty by society. Tweaking your DB was nothing appropriate to do, not ethical or correct, and those who could make this happen where regarded as shady to say the least. Although it was not illegal i think.
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    @horus okay, fascinating.. as if the integrity of the database was like a holy grail to society (what about confidentiality and availability tho XD), maybe for some "religious" reasons or because people are indoctrinated by a totalitarian regime that wants to create transparent citizens... or maybe databases only exist as targets for personalized ads...

    you're actually working on it? 😄 if there are any excerpts you would like to share, i'd really love to read about it! <3
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