Just got this little stinker added to my board this morning….

Ticket Title: Weird shit going on in app

Ticket Description: (blank)

Attachment: <Screenshot of app logo>

Manager: Well what do you think is causing it?

Dev: Causing what?? This ticket doesn’t describe anything at all

Manager: Well it’s a bunch of different things! The ticket is just a high level summary. Now how long do you think it’ll take to fix?

Dev: …

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    Very relatable 🤣
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    Only warrants one response:

    1. Take a photo of your managers head.
    2. Create ticket with title "Weird impediment"
    Description: photo taken in 1. + "Can't work like this see linked ticket for details"
    Link the ticket created by manager.
    Implementation notes: "replacing likely cheaper than fixing"
    3. Assign top level manager
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    Your Dev rants are like reading commit strip comics
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    @darkwind He is drawing them.
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    We're the same person in alternate universes, and somehow on devRant we can communicate through them.

    But please tell me the title "Weird shit going on in app" was a comical exaggeration...


    I'm begging you... 😫
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    Closed #9006. Works on my machine.
    <<Screenshot of home menu>>.jpg
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    @fullstackclown “There is some weird shit going on” is the exact quote
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    @boombodies My god. Why are we forced to work with non professional clueless idiots all day?
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    @fullstackclown I didn’t go to school. This used to be my hobby 🥲
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    @boombodies oh fuck 🤣
    The best defect description of the year
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    "how long do you think it will take to fix"
    "as long as is needed"
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    ‘wont fix’
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    @grinry “Working as intended”
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    @fullstackclown well "non professional clueless idiots" is a broad description that can apply to half the world (many of us included) my question is: why are we always paid less than them?
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