Who books meetings on Friday afternoons?
Isn't that against the Geneva convention?

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    Unless they are held in the pub
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    @d4ng3r0u5 you make a good point. I shall be drinking during
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    Psychopaths that don't respect my Friday afternoon, not understand no one gives a shit about what the meeting is about and will not recall it Monday morning.
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    We do actually get paid for working the entire week. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผ‍โ™‚๏ธ But they have to understand that the nr of people showing up might be very low
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    I worked on a team once that used to do sprint retros in the pub. Best retro ever.
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    If you want people to stop taking a meeting as a "i can stall time and thus not need to work" break...

    Do it on Fridays.

    You'll immediate learn whom you can exploit best, too.

    Hint: The exploitable are those who reeeeeallly would love to discuss a lot more despite it being 5 mins away from "official" end of day.

    Those are the guys who don't have weekends....
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    here we mostly do meetings on friday. no one has the energy to do anything else on friday anyway, and it doesn't interrupt the flow of the week. might be a cultural thing though, no one gets upset at stalling work in brazil ๐Ÿคท we actually count on it a little bit
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    @darksideofyay cultural thing...

    I get furious about people stalling meetings cause it's time wasted for stupidity.

    Reason I'm very strict regarding meetings and time-frames.

    Note that I'm not against using the remaining time of a meeting to fool around - if we finished 20 mins early, we can fool around 20 mins. As easy as that.

    But to prolong a meeting 20 mins just because some people don't want to work and thus put the burden of the 20 mins extra on all other participants is wrong.
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    @IntrusionCM it's fucking annoying when people stall, BUT i get it. we need a breather sometimes, get a coffee, talk. it's healthier than some of my co-workers, that go out to smoke to get a break.

    what i hate more actually is being interrupted several times over the month because no one bothered to take notes during the last N meetings and didn't make any decisions between them
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    Yeah, that's why time-frames exist.

    If a meeting is really long, 5 min break every 30 mins otherwise meeting is too exhausting, which leads to nothing.

    Regarding notes - despite writing them people tend to asks notes.

    Fixed title so Confluence links are guessable, small script to send chat messages when people are too stupid to use confluence that sends message to chat room with confluence link.

    I got _way_ too annoyed of people having the memory of a 95 year old with end stage dementia....
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    @IntrusionCM it's infuriating to have the same talk over and over, i feel like I'm in groundhog day. i take note of everything, so most of the time I'm just telling
    people what THEY said, like I'm talking to grandma
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    Typical conversation:

    We need a meeting, we're not sure if we should do option A or B.

    Me: Look at the meeting notes from a week ago. We decided it already.
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