The worst unsubscribe form possible...

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    is this for real?
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    Please God tell me this is a lie.

    What year zero fresh developer hell cooked up this bullshitery?
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    @sariel hahahah he learned coding while masturbating
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    I am more in shock that someone would think unsubscribe does what they hope it will.
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    So... Can I assume that we will be able to help other people unsubscribe too?
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    @sariel @coffeeholic
    Nope, fortunately it's fake, I made it. 😂

    But it's based on a form I've seen where you have to put your email address… stupid af, you shouldn't be able to unsubscribe others if you know their email, it requires almost nothing to develop a system where you generate links based on the user.
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    @JS96 The forms that want your email and don't send a confirmation link are fake. They are for verifying the validity of your address because verified addresses yield a higher market price.
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    I let out a “noooooo!” When I first read this 🤣 you got me good there.
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    Leaking all them emails
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    They can’t leak our users’ emails if we leak them first

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    Hahahaha dafuq is that
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    What were they thinking while building it?
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    I want to see their web/application now. What kind of authorities have they done there.
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    Just cook a selenium script and have fun unsubscribing everyone 🙂
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