Manager: Why did you clear the data from the database? The client is now specifically requesting it and we don’t have it anymore!

Dev: You told me to.

Manager: Well why did you listen? It’s obvious now that that data was very important and should have been kept!

Dev: Last time you told me to do something that wasn’t a good idea I tried to explain why and told me not to question you ever again and that doing so was “disrespectful” and then threatened to have me fired. So now I just go along with what you say and let you suffer the consequences of not listening.

Manager: Well don’t do that then! It’s obviously not working very well! It’s ok to disagree with me you just have to make sure that what you think is something I agree with!

Dev: …

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    Start to end every sentence with "do you agree?" until he notices (if ever) why you're doing that 😆
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    @tokenguy i need to take a whiz. Do you agree with that?
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    Lol, what a clown 🤡
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    Individual responsibility for one’s decisions is important, don’t you agree?
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    @netikras LEAVE a whiz, LEAVE a shit. Unless your name is Hughes.
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    @tokenguy this genuinely made me crack up when I imagined doing it in the meeting I am in now. Thank you.
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    Manger: do B
    You: but B is fucking retarded, do you agree?

    XD love it
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    Reminds me of when I was told to delete things a couple of times, but I didn't, in case we needed it..

    Both times it saved their bacon.

    First time, I got into trouble with management for not deleting it the first time..

    Second time, I never told management, but the customer was sure pleased !
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    ... it seems there are so many jobs where people can be incompetent and it's someone else's fault...

    ... why can't i find one like that? :(
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    “Well why did you listen?”

    Print this and put it in a frame

    Or write a book and use it as tittle

    Anyway only accept written orders and you will be fine (I guess)
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    @rov3rand0m It was written, I made sure of it. I won’t be getting in trouble, he’s just spinning his wheels trying to point the finger elsewhere. It won’t be successful in the long run.
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    I've seen written stuff get turned around 180 degrees by smart lawyer types to mean the complete oppersit of what it says !

    I've also seen folk say to others the complete oppersit of what is written, because so few people actually check what something says, they believe more easily what someone says it says instead !

    Also, paperwork can vanish..

    You think making a copy can help, but then you can get into trouble for making an unauthorised copy ! ( Just ask Trump.. )

    Might want to think about looking for another job because said person finds some way to screw with you and get your fired.

    Unless you get them fired first..
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    @netikras Why were there no fucking backups? At least keep backups for tim. Clients are dumb and so is management. Management is always dumb. You should never take anything a client ays at face value and just implement it. Always ask why, and make backups. Tell the client once it's gone it's gone so you might wanna make backups.
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    @uNrEaL-jAsE wat?

    I don't usually make backups of my piss
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    @netikras sorry didn't mean to mention you in the comment was replying to the OP. ZBut seriously why wouldn't they have made backups of data does the client not give a shit?
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