Whats your ringtone? what music Genre/Bands/Singer/whatever do you hear

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    Ringtone Three Days Grace fallen Angel

    I like Alternative Metal
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    Silence is my ringtone
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    The early 00's called, they want their mono-poly tones back 😎
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    8bit version of Transilvanian Hunger
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    Imagine people calling you

    Couldn't be me
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    [vibro only]
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    @netikras Hans Niemann, is that you?
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    Fan of good rock/metal here too. Not ringtone, (that one is generic because work) but my alarm is Up in the air, from 30 Seconds to Mars.

    New on repeat is Voices in my head, from Falling In Reverse, or Popular monster, from the same band.
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    Oh, also, Death of peace of mind, by Bad Omens.
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    The only thing i changed from default is the notification sound.

    It is the villager spawn sound from AoE
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    Mine is my band's version of Fast As A Shark by Accept, but I usually have my phone on silent.
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    Just heard it very nice song ^^

    The death of piece of mind

    Falling in Reverse is also good ^^
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    @Archive I took a listen to some of those and it made me feel old about my taste of music
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    I still use that "Nokia Guitar" tone. It's the best.
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    @12bitfloat be like lonely, so you are the one calling the indian call centers, instead of the other way around.
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