Hello, people at devrant, i have this problem. When i apply to jobs, most of the employers dont answer, then for the few employers that do answer, when i reply back, there is no response, even when i ask them about it. I was wondering who here has a similar experience or know y they do this or how to fix it.

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    The goddess of victory couldn't work such shitty jobs
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    1. Apply to 50 jobs.

    2. Repeat as needed.
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    Don't take the lack of feedback personally. Recruiters have to deal with lot of applications, specially if they are on "saturated job boards".

    And listen to the man @Demolishun
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    It's easier to not say why you didn't get the job, then to cause a law suit in some countries.

    Besides, it's not always you personally, it could be the next candidate has word with X framework or platform for longer and that's enough to change the scales.
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    Recruiting is a bunch of malevolent.
    The better the job fit and the better the application, the less they answer.
    It's as if they feel advised to do stuff properly.
    So they don't.

    Like @Demolishun and @soberGhost say.
    Just ignore conventions and go for mass application.

    I had to spew out 400 applications to get roundish 10% feedback and interviews.
    Later got 6 offers and jumped boats every time there was a better offer.
    Made me have three different employers in a month.
    Declined the rest, but made me gamble for better positions.

    Obviously ghosted the ones that took the mick by asking for a weeks worth test/ assignment or clearly tried to fuck one over.
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    I actually cat fished a recruiter I knew I didn't want to engage with.
    Must have driven her mad and cost a lot of time ="D
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    @scor the keyword is "gamble", noted
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    @Kernel I had a recruiter reach out to
    me this week, I'm seriously tempted to call their firm and complain about their lack of data quality, and their potential for privacy breaching.


    Hi @C0D4,
    Im reaching out to you today as I noticed your profile on LinkedIn and you are looking for a new role.

    Your experience at <company I've never worked at> is quite impressive and you look like a suitable candidate for <insert company> who are in the market for a talented Senior Python Developer like yourself.

    Please give me a call on <mobile phone> when your next available.

    Sometimes, these brain dead fucks don't even check their data, and even get a mail merge wrong.
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    I have been working on my pitch to get them to respond to me.

    Hello x company representative. I was really reached out to by you but when i replied there was no response. For this reason i have come to question the existence of this job. For your actions, your company will be getting a bad review until u can give me a reason for the no response.

    Also i have this other problem where every job i get seems to be a scam where the so called employer puts up a job front and their idea of payment is u give them your credentials so they can get into your bank account. Well im not five years old, and im a computing major so…
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    That sounds like a much dodgy ecosystem?

    Also, use a fake instead of your your personal review account.

    Hint: wanna try deepl.com?
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    How do i do that?
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    1. Write artificial life sim.

    2. The resume keywords/phrases are the 'dna'.

    3. Generate resumes with them

    4. Autoshitpost to recruiters.

    5. Fitness function is response rate.

    6. Cull 'organisms' (resumes) with low fitness.

    7. ???

    8. Write a ridiculous tedx talk about it and get onto vice, right along side the story about digit cocklocks being hacked.

    Now you know what you need to know to be in the highest of demand.
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    Hey wisecrack, i tried your idea, it did not work. But at least i know how to spot scams better tho…

    The program would have needed to know exactly what the specific recruiter would be looking for, which is literally nothing if your job is literally to review dead letters all day.






    So chat, r we literally being taken over by a job blob of our own making?
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