Me: You girl are Exceptional, should I catch or throw you?

Her: You can try

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    She friendzoned you?
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    Not sure if ironic, but in java we throw exceptions arround untill some method catches it and does something with it,,,
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    If she says try it may mean she's either really quick (catch) or fat (throw).
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    You know where you belong girl....finally
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    I think you are under a really confusing situation.

    if she is an expection, then the norm (a case without exception caught) would be that she( Lovely_Girl_Exception) doesn't exist in your life.

    So logically, during the try statement, is that you hope not to mess with her, so that you won't catch her. Maybe you want to forget her, let her go or what?

    In other words, if the try statement succeeds , you can finally be alone.

    Or would you want to intentionally fail the try statement? (This is something a sane programmer rarely do)
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    Just make sure you can handle it
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