I use a lot of dev tools, but one of my favorites is the Linux screen utility. It's awesome to be able to keep shit running on servers whether my laptop stays connected tot he server or not. It's great for jobs that take a long time, can't get interrupted, etc.

If you haven't used screen definitely give it a try!

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    Well written sensei.
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    Tmux here ;)
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    You forgotten wk56 tag.
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    Whoops, thanks I added the tag.

    @dzil123 that looks pretty cool, I have to check it out some more.
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    Also used screen alot before I found tmux. Now I only use tmux :)
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    I use nohup...bc that's what I was taught to use many years ago by someone
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    @dzil123 so good if you use tor. Sounds like something a hacker would use 😁
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    @dzil123 tor keeps changing ips which I guess would be good for a hacker but with this, they wouldn't need to reconnect every time?
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    If you need to keep some interactive command running on a server, screen/tmux is a good option.

    A better solution in many cases is often to create a systemd/launchd/upstart/openrc/etc service yourself, so you can start it on boot, and monitor more easily whether the process is still running.
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    I'm for tmux☝️
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    Doesn't sound a rant to
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    Poor man's daemon:

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    @dfox if you are working with screen you should definitily take a look at the tool named screenie. This removes the pain that comes by using long screen-names
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