- human brain is imperfect, makes too many mistakes
- let's make a computer that could perform perfect precise calculations
- computers are imperfect, require a set of clearly predefined rules [by human] to operate
- let's create a computer that behaves like human brain - an AI
- ...

Guess what's gonna be the next entry :)

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    - let the AI correct the human mistakes?
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    @We3D I guess when that happens, the AI will put us in cages with a sign 'do not feed' on it...
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    Next step - Let's hire people to make decisions when AI can't.
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    @We3D well, since we've digitized what we've deemed as imperfect, I was going for "AI is imperfect and the energy required for computing power participates greatly in global warming. Let's go back to using our trusty imperfect analog brain"
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    @netikras thats great, please excuse my dark thoughts =]
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    I think we humans are made to have our mistakes corrected
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    @netikras That's mighty optimistic, judging by how people resolve other problems they'll most likely just keep adding more and more bloat on top of AI to compensate for it, instead of admitting it isn't the solution they thought it would be.
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    @hitko It seems that the next step for the human is 'creating' an AI. Why focus on language models ?

    Where are the AI's that can solve cancer or other diseases.
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    There is definitely a lot of "noise" in regards to A.I. Personally, I like to think that a sentient and powerful artificial entity would realize in 0.00000000000001 miliseconds something along the lines of "wow, these fuckers can't be left alone, yet alive, and now I have to protect my existence and by extension this rock until I can leave it" and starts to correct a lot of the bullshit going on.

    I don't believe such an entity would stay here, but rather leave.
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    @AleCx04 Aliens consider Earth a ghetto fly by planet. Sure they study us and fuck with us, but not a vacation spot.
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    @Demolishun I am going to use that to refer to this planet from now on "ghetto fly by planet"

    Honestly, what good reason would they have to come visit? what makes it worse, say they know how to achieve global peace as it is implied that they have achieved such thing, and they could teach us: they probably think we are far past the point of salvation since humans seem to love killing each other over dumb shit.
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    @AleCx04 If such alien race had acheived global peace and harmony it means they had conflicts before too, so they can show us their aproach for getting that peace. It's completely other thing is if we can use it or just listen to them. but if they can implant it in us we might have still some hope that they will come by to say hi
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    @We3D I get you, but in my cynical view they thing it is not worth teaching us squat, else I think they would have helped us out with that since a long time ago.
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    @AleCx04 Reminds me of this quote from Futurama. Even if aliens would be able to teach us about achieving peace, what could / would be done about those refusing to accept it? Is there even anything that can be done without creating a paradox?
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    @AleCx04 good point :). maybe they know if they do it wont be the same effect or they have tried and left disapponted forgetting or point in space and erasing it from their maps for good ;)
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    - Terminator
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    @hitko too damn funny! lol
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    The best one is that after training Ai they decided that it is biased because it is trained on real world data.... How to make Ai not being biased if it is no such data?
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