Java is to JavaScript

: what Car is to Carpet
: what Swift is to Suzuki Swift
: what Perl is to a Pearl
: what Ruby is to a Ruby Gemstone
: what Go is to Go Home
: what Shell is to Sea Shell
: what Bash is to Big Bash
: what Alice is to Alice in wonderland
: what Rust is to Rusty Theron
: what Awk is to your Awkward cousin
: what Dart is to Darts
: what Julia is to Julia Roberts
: what Korn is to Corn
: what Maple is to Syrup
: what Caml is to a Camel
: what CHILL is to Netflix
: what Crack is to Crack
: what Curl is to Curls
: what Hugo is to Boss

To be continued..

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Criteria : programming language on left , analog on right

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    :what Python is to Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
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    : what C is to see
    : what C# is to see sharp
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    : What BrainFuck is my client's requirement.
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    What @Alice is to @Bob
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    : Hello World! Is to hello world 😁
    : Windows is to windows
    : Program is to annual program
    : Stack is to stack of plates
    : Queue is to long queues
    : Bit is to little bit
    : Byte is to bite
    : Bug is to bed bug
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    JavaScript was meant to be a Java for the web created by a scheme fan using principles from self.
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    : What Pascal is to Pascal's Wager
    : What BASIC is to Basic Instinct
    : What Scratch is to Scratching post
    : What Eiffel is to Eiffel... ... 65 (ha! Didn't see that one coming!)
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    : what pug is to Pugs
    : what PHP is to sensible languages
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    What Facebook is to devRant
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    @solooo7 I was about to make that joke
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    : what C is to Cephazolin
    : what CoffeeScript is to Coffee


    But actually, they are kinda related. Both released in the same time frame, from the same company, following the same greater goal. JavaScript was supposed to complement Java.
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    : what Babbage is to salad
    : what Draco is to Harry
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    What COBOL is to cable
    What django is to jungle
    What ++ is to c++
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    :What C# is to C hashtag
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    : What @dfox is to fox
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    : What devRant is a guy called Dev(poet or god) ranting about personal life. 😋
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