When you're just coding away in some Coffee Shop and some random guy/girl asks you

"are you trying to hack the wifi" smh

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    Good way to break the ice :D
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    @barawww You wouldn't go to a mechanic and ask if they're building an engine from scratch.

    Don't do that to a computer scientist. Lol
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    @jhh2450 exactly!
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    @savethecode @barawww The way you break the ice in that situation by asking "Hey that looks really cool! What are you doing? Can you tell me more?"
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    That's what I do all day, every day
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    Agreed. It would be more appropriate. But that would be a good time to educate the person on what you do no?
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    The same in school, I was just practising html and css, suddenly the girl next to me asks me if Im hacking, Reeeeee!!!!!
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    Damn you hackers haha 😀
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    @Letmecode I was suppose to comment but you got it first.
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    @code4life welcome to devRant!
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    In 1992 I rooted to the VAX system on a dumb terminal at the library (that was typically only used for the book catalog) so I could check my email. There was nothing to it because nobody cared about security then. The girl I was studying with was super impressed. "Wow! This is like that movie 'Sneakers' that just came out!"

    Not wanting to lose out on that kind of cred with a young lady I might be persuaded to be interested in, I said, "Yessss. Yes it is."
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    This sounds like a great moment to quote Gilfoyle in the episode where Jared interviews him.
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