Dear all wonderful ranters,

I apologize profusely in advance if over the next few days I cannot contain my anger at people and rant about non-dev things. I promise I will try my best to not do this, but there are very few places (none) other than here where I feel comfortable enough to express myself freely and not censor my words.

I will be working as a security guard (3rd job) for a car show full of pretentious assholes who have a tendency to think I'm their servant. I have wonderful bosses who have my back, and there are truly amazing people in attendance as well, but if someone tries to run me over again after a long ass day, I might need to vent.

I fully accept any and all down votes, and will likely delete the rant after it's out of my system, unless there's a conversation going in comments (I wouldn't do that to you).

Please bear with me while I try boot to strangle everyone I come across. I'm hoping this year is the year everyone is nice, but history tells me that's naive and won't happen.

All my love,
Your (co)queen who may end up arrested for using her bionic arm to rip their balls off and feed them to their wives

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    @QueenMorgana fuck that. Rant to your heart's content. And if you do the ball ripping off with bionic arm thing, I'd like a video please. ❤️❤️❤️
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    Don't apologize, if you want you can rant on discord privately as well.
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    The caption of this view reads rant, not rant about dev.
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    @QueenCodeslut will do. There are people there who would love to record it for me
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    ^^^what he said
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    Ripping off balls is a good way to deal with assholes...

    I ranted about non Dev things recently and the rant got many upvotes...

    Last but not least you have offered me to rant over discord about non dev stuff... It's a honor to return this offer!

    PS If the ball thing is getting to personal I would be happy to help to install the flamethrower thingy
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    @needToRoll I *could* use that to cauterize (spelling?) the wound after... hmmmm...

    And I might take you up on the discord thing. Ill let you know.
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    So, if you rant your heart out about non dev stuff, and then somebody rants about your rant not being dev related (assume it's letmecode), Then we have 2 rants... 2 awesome rants. But if you don't do so, we have 0 rants.

    This way, I think you are the true queen of this land, prospering it's people even though you have to go through bashing. A queen we deserve, a dark knight.
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    anti-anger-coffee ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕❤️❤️
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    @AlexDeLarge Thanks, but yours is much more fucking awesome. Best movie character imo and fits perfectly to your ultra-violent rants! 😁
    Cheers with a big glass of milk plus, malchik!
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