Linux distributions.

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    That was unexpected 😂

    I was used to the other picture, so when I saw their head I was surprised 😆
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    This is soooo weird 😂
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    JavaScript Frameworks.
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    Girl has problems...
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    Lmao. Best picture ever
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    This is my favourite version of this meme.
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    Actually kinda scared me, thought i was insane.
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    The one with the neck disease must be a bad installation of arch
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    More like, Debian based distros 😂. Just because you have a lot of Linux based OS that are different in many ways.
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    literally i experienced this stuff
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    For many years I kept trying Linux and encountered frustration. Drivers wouldn't work, or I couldn't get an application to run. Back when I installed my first Distro, Linux Mint, I had trouble with basic things like getting videos to play sound. Many years later I found Arch through Manjaro. Since then I've probably installed 100 different distros, played with every window manager, tried all the package managers, and so on.

    On the surface level, the picture is correct. For most users, especially for Debian-based distros, the only real differences will be the desktop environment. But when you start getting into installing and setting up everything just the way you want it, then the differences start to show.

    Arch has one of the best wikis period. It doesn't pull an Apple and try to force stability by assuming the user is an idiot and not letting them install software. It has an easy to use package manager, and a well-sized community. Give Arcolinux or something a shot and see.
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