Another day, another hit piece against gaming.

So, a 15-year old boy hanged himself and the media goes all „This was caused by this game“, even though NO FUCKING TRACES OF THE GAME WERE FOUND ON THE LAPTOP OF THE DECEASED!!!

And then of course my freaking parents go all lecturing me about how the internet twists the brain into not being adequate towards reality etc.

First off, CAN THE FUCKING COLLECTION OF COCKSUCKERS that is the fucking media just fucking get a grip on reality? It was literally said in the same sentence that the supposed game that caused that was not found in any form on the person's laptop. You would think an online game that you take months to play through would need at least some fucking download to run, right? Unless it was a freaking video chat bullshit that they call a „game“ just for the fucking spite of gamers.


Third... How do people in their 60s freaking think they understand anything about modern gaming when they have no freaking way of interacting with it other than these hit pieces? They certainly give more fucks about what a hired bitch of a lying „journalist“, that cannot even talk properly, says. Oh, they care so much about the children. Have they never thought that people are killing themselves exactly because they feel nobody cares about them?

Fourth. How fucking long do parents like mine deny the reality that just as long as they see me as an incomplete copy of my sisters I will be suicidal? Let me guess... It's video games causing me to be oh, so inadequate when I've not played any of them for quite some time...

Fifth... How am I out of touch with reality when these people have never known how I „work“, so to speak, as a person, and they've been the ones basically dictating all my life? Let me see why I'm unhappy...

I know I complain a lot. Sorry for that. But I just cannot stand people like them. People that lie all the time and project that on you while depriving you of any means of defending yourself in a debate...

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    Tbf if I was gonna hang myself I'd probably wipe my laptop.

    The truth is that it's easier for a grieving family to find a scapegoat than to admit they might have had an impact on the kid.

    Rest in peace and fuck anyone arguing any kind of political point over a child's death.

    Curiosity: what game, link to article?
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    Excessive gaming tends to be a symptom rather than a cause.

    Games are a means to escape reality. It's perfectly healthy to do that for a bit. If it means you game for 16 hours a day, don't have any social interactions or ambitions to learn or work anymore, it's probably not healthy.

    But even when it takes the proportions of an unhealthy addiction, even when it's followed by suicide (or worse, some killing spree), it's not the cause of those terrible events.

    It just means that the escapism wasn't able to cushion the sharp edges of reality anymore.
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    And in those cases.... well "fault" or "blame" aren't the right words, but I do think a lot of those cases could have been prevented if the environment had been a bit more supportive.
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    First off all don't be sorry we are happy to be there for you!

    Second this media thingy really becomes a problem! IMO there are some traditional medias we still trust...

    Third on here there are thousands of them who believe the exact opposite

    Fourth sorry I don't get that either so I am no help here (I am young too, so I can relate)

    Fifth and sixth stay strong! I hope you can gather a bunch of supporters around you who can help you to reach your goals.
    Software Development is a promising and feature orientated path. It will pay out in the end!

    Please let us know if we can be of any help. This community is strong.
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    The problem - be it suicide, violence, or whatever - is never the game's fault. Or the music's fault. Or the boom's fault.

    These people that do these things are already damaged.

    I play Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes I listen to a band called Manowar. They sing about medieval fantasy stuff like killing with swords and pillaging. Yet I have never done these things.

    I just binge watched The Punisher. It's a brutal show with brutal killings. Yet I have never done these things.

    Stop blaming media we consume and look at the real problems with the individual and their environment.
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    Games don't kill people,
    Just like guns,
    People kill people
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    @MissDirection try ensiferum!!! Woo
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    made me giggle a bit, thinking of the twats that answer the call of the blue whale. Mostly I say good riddance. Not saying my girlfriend is right to say I have no heart.
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    No they’re right. Remember that game about hanging yourself? What? What do you mean that such a game never existed? Oh in that case fuck those assholes.
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    @jamescodesthing It wasn't an article. It was an announcement.

    Some wikipedia information about the game... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    Fun thing is that it's something people supposedly seriously invest themselves into. The damage to the person's mind had to have been done already before a „game“ like this just serves as a last fucking drop.
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    @Alice You do know how the mainstream media works.

    Pieces of shit.
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    Why can't parents just realise that it is almost always a different reason and sometimes even the parents themselves that triggered suicidal thoughts and actions.

    Dear parents,

    Just because someone cuts (self harm), it does not mean that they are suicidal!
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    @ewpratten they may not be suicidal now, but the two are connected. They both stem from similar mental health issues that need to be addressed.
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    @iam13islucky yes. True but they aren't the same thing.
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    all such people are dumb.
    And i feel terrible when they lecture others on something
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    Ahahahahaah is this shit still a thing?? Hahaha can't believe people still say things like that wtf
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    The best thing is when they say games make you aggressive. So would it be better if you killed real man in war and see your friends die irl or in a game where no one dies... It's true that games can make you people rage but that's not all...
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    Meh, reporters like to mix a lot of manure into articles anyway. They try to write opposite of common opinion to make it sound more controversial.
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    Though... There are times I'd like to beat someone to death with an Xbox... Just sayin
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    I fucking hate media so much! Fucking idiots that talk out of their ass. I nearly killed myself, but I'm happy I didn't because it would feed right into their fucking play. And now they don't ever mention me again because they realised how idiotic they were. Yet, they are partly the reason I'd love to fucking pour acid down their throats as opposed to just "turn the other cheek"... But if I did that, the fuckers I didn't get would just report that something like a game made me do it...

    Fucking cocksuckers, I hope their genitals rot off!

    You're the fuckers that give attention to people who kill themselves, who kill a bunch of people, etc... So instead of romanticising those fucking acts get the fucking facts out and fucking move on you cockroach dung piles!

    * This rant might have triggered my PTSD, sorry :)
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    I rolled my eyes at "the media".🙄
    I've stopped reading what those goons produce a long time ago, and ignoring what people has to said about the said content. If I had to pick an unhealthy habit from all that, it would be following blindly whatever information they are selling. I don't know the state of the media in other countries than France, but here, it's damn terrifying. Bunch of sold biased pieces of garbage for most of them.😒

    Other than that, I wish you good luck with your parents.
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    @Totchinuko One of the funny things about our journalists is that I, just a person who wants to talk in a grammatically correct way, talk better than most of them. Those people are paid for reading off a fucking script and they cannot even do it right :S

    At least 90% of what I know is knowledge from the internet. I've been using internet from an early age(we had a PC since 1997). I needed it for things like a reference for drawing the solar system when I was 6. Crazy times. Even then they said not to use the computer in any way. Felt like a rebel when I actually did.

    R.I.P., the guy who killed himself, by the way... May he find the light he needed.
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    Reminds me of the 90s and when the media was bashing Tamagotchies for causing teenagers to commit suicide.

    The majority of the society are bigots with negative IQ.

    Journalists are lazy, incompetent people who found a work that suits their inability to comprehend fundamental things.

    Lastly, most people tend to get a first impression over something they are unfamiliar with and think that this is the way it works without doubting it for a second. e.g. Buzzfeed's videos.
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    @BlueNutterfly Beautiful rant! Easily one of my favourites!
    @bittersweet seriously man, every time I read you comments, I imagine you as an old wise wizard. I tend to agree with you a lot, and the way you write is just inspiring and I feel like wisdom is getting shot directly into my brain :)
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    @aaxa Aww. I like shooting stuff inside people 😊
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    @bittersweet Hahaha 😂
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    Without ridiculous provoking claims there would be no news. "another depressed teenie dies" doesn't make for a controversial discussion.
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    Basically: don't feed the trolls
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    @BlueNutterfly I just watched a video again, and it kinda relates to your situation. You might like it https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    I kinda relate with your 5 points. All I can say is anyone is great in his own way.

    The way one can say something is perfect is only by accepting it's defects. So having defects is okay. There will be one or many to accept them all.

    Same for everyone here, I can't accept a thing that looks ideal, because that would mean that I am biased.

    Be like you are and rant a lot ;>
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    @bittersweet I won't say what sprung in my mind reading this
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    Hired bitch of a lying journalist

    I am literally dying rn. Hahaha!
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    I'm assuming that this child was suffering from mental illness, probably depression, and once again we're avoiding the elephant in the room being mental illnesses. Did the game speak to him and tell him to kill himself?

    I just hate how people can't think properly, especially with those articles that are titled "studies show...", And when you read the article they're just correlating things and it makes absolutely no fucking sense. But you'll get people who will believe it... that's why this topic is still alive.😑

    Correlation ≠ Causation.
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    Guess what? The journalists made another report about an 18 years old boy who disappeared. He had depressed statuses on FaceBook before he disappeared, as the journalists say, and it still somehow finds a way to get blamed on "Blue Whale" -_-

    Because people have nothing else than "games" on their minds.
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    It sucks that some people don’t take your passions seriously until the day they see you make money at them... and then it’s too little too late. Sometimes it feels like strangers care more about the things I create and am passionate about more than supposed friends and family. I can’t imagine taking computers from any passionate about them, especially young people who need tech if they expect to fit in any place in this digital world. it’s like locking someone in a room in a lot of ways. Persevere!!! Get an orangePi and go rogue or whatever you have to do! ;) :P :)
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    @agaskins Got my tech back. Now I have to be a temporary housewife of the family, pass my exams and find a job.

    Easy, I guess :P Especially with my tech in my hands.
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    Glad that you are back @BlueNutterfly
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    @jalebiBhai And I'm doing fine right now :3

    It's nice to see people missing a Nutterfly xD
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    my ++'s had not increased much after you left
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    xD you can take some breathe xD
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