What is a nerd according to you?

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    A nerd is into STEM,
    A geek is into pop culture.
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    ability to have interests into things

    most people oddly don't

    I'm also offended a lot of tech people aren't nerds anymore. makes me angry. such false advertisement. just people grifting for money. I guess you could say they're the nerds of money but it's not even sophisticated, it's just cringe
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    a hobbyist

    someone who spends alot of time in an hobby or activity
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    human construct to segregate people to feel more safe
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    Someone who would write the whole rant also as a tag but splitting it so that each word is its own tag.
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    Manual SEO optimizer 🥸
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    Someone who knows too much about something bullshit. For example, which celebrity did 100M+ revenue generating movie in the last couple years.
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    Someone who can properly explain what a nerd is.
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    @d00td00t I most agree to this one
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