Applied to a company and it gave me an automated assessment. Upon opening the link, it asks me to turn on the camera so it can periodically take snapshots of me.

Micromanaging already?

Fuck you.

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    sounds like you got hacked n shit brother.
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    sounds like a perfect opportunity to pull your cock out
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    *grants access to /dev/null*
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    @kanyewest I didn't proceed. It was in the instructions right before starting.
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    @molaram 😂😂😂😂
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    Good riddance. Fuck these untrusting middle management shit. Design your interviews better you quality-cutting-shortcut-taking numb nut hacks.
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    Perfectly right decision, @Kernel
    The last time I had such an encounter, they went on and on and on until I asked for their manager. Then everything was clear and easy to go all of a sudden.
    Thise greedy half anonymous jerkoffs.
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    HackerRank assessments does that. I believe the purpose is to allo making sure the person wasn't cheating and was the legitimate candidate.
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