Typical conversation between my parents and me

Parents: Can you make stuff?

Me: Make what?

Parents: The thing you do all the time.

Me: "Computer stuff"?

Parents. Yah...

Me: Well, yes, why?

Parents: What can you do?

Me: Well, I know C# the most...

Parents: Can you then make software like Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Me: Well, I can, but that will take a lot of time.

Parents: You should really make something and make money.

Me: Ok. (goes into my room, and turns on laptop)

(a few monents later....)



Me: Uh-huh.

Parents: When did I said to do "Computer stuff"?

Me: Well, you said to rest.

Parents: But I never said to do your "Computer stuff"!

Me: But you said to rest. For an hour!


Me: Ok.... (turns off and opens C# book immediately)

Parents: What's that?

Me: C# book

Parents: What's C#?

Me: Programming language.

Parents: Where can you use it?

Me: Make stuff.

Parents: Like what?

Me: (lists my personal projects)

Parents: Show me.

Me: (turns on the computer and shows one of it)

Parents: Good. (leaves)

--[[CHORUS END]]--

Me: (deep breath) Can I FINALLY use the computer?


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    Lol I can relate to this. xD
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    OMG. So me xD
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    Dang. Do they also tell you to focus on Math and the sciences more?
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    Oh god..
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    Similar my parents got concerned I stopped playing outside when all I was doing was go on ircs and do silly script kiddy stuff
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    I accept your parents behavior if and only if you spent most of your time watching movies or playing games. Why not talking to then and explain what you actually do all that time on a computer and maybe not applicable but move your computer to living room so that they see you are working and playing? My parents were like this until they started seeing me do coding then they stopped and kept asking for updates later they stopped asking at all they know what I'm doing.
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    Man.. being young sucks 😄
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    @Alice @Aitkotw @gitpull Haha
    @AlexDeLarge (no comment)
    @ThaOneDude uh-huh
    @jakobev ^^
    @theScientist (no comment)
    @FitzSuperUser hmmm
    @gitpush At least my dad supports me
    @Froot haha
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    My old man even today still thinks ‘using a computer’ is same as ‘use remote on a TV’, we just learned to neglected having any conversation about me having a career doing ‘computer stuff’ now.
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