Prepare to get your MIND BLOWN:

They have successfully got Windows 10 ARM to boot on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a hacked UEFI firmware!

Take that Windows 10 IoT!!

Props to these guys: 👍

Here's a video of it in action → https://youtu.be/6b1IxvKJeho?t=94

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    Sorry but
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    Sometimes I wonder if people stop and think if it’s the right thing to do.
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    Its 2 months old so nothing new and also its sad for that Rpi.
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    They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they failed to ask whether or not they should. has science gone too far?
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    Why would anyone waste their time trying to run MS Windows? 🤔
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    @stacked because is one of the most used Os there is ;)

    Even if you do not like it, it still a good OS (today).
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    Yeah, who needs Linux though?
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    RIP CPU, you will be missed and we are sorry for the load we demanded off you
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    @stacked why would anyone act like they are some kind of master race just because they don't like windows?
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    @lxmcf CPU likes when it has to calculate. It will get depressed if you leave it idle for a week.
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    @RantSomeWhere Here comes Windows Updates on RPi....
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    1. This absolutely qualifies as a rant.

    2. Kudos to the developers who did it regardless.

    3. @vlatkozelka cool use case!
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    WOW that's amaizng... but probably is still better windows IOT for that small board
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    it's so funny to read comments of windows haters on this post ... what's exactly their problem?
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