Microsoft edge 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Its the fastest browser that can transfer all your data to NSA for less time than chrome and firefox
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    *music plays*
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    Now edge is really faster
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    @Kanna it is fast because it didn’t support a lot of web specs
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    @devTea yeah I think so but they are improving there space in the browser market
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    @devTea but at least when it does it does it correctly, unlike Firefox or Chrome. There was recently rant that showed a few examples, but I can't find it. One was this: https://codepen.io/MartijnCuppens/...

    And Chrome I feel like is going down the same path IE6 did. Standards? We are so big that we are the standard. Does not matter it is not finalized yet, do it our way. NOW.
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    Well then... I better go back to windows and start using edge exclusively
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    @arraysstartat1 He never said anything about any browser being correct, the title says clearly it's about creating a div that renders _differently_ in each browser.
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    @arraysstartat1 I also have never find a good use for display: table, if you are saying edge is good at rendering a specs that nobody uses then yes you’re right. But I’ve also heard rachel andrew said that a css specs are rendered by browser depends on the os (have to look it up) so if I have to give cookies to browser that is trying to do their best on top of windows then I would rather give it to firefox or opera because they are the one trying to work with the os. Edge is already on windows so I don’t know what is their issues developing it. But indeed ‘maybe’ edge is beginning to be better. I still don’t see it yet under general circumstance
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    @devTea Numb - Linkin Park
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    @MushiKun it’s ‘In the end’ actually
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    how many of you really tried edge? I bet no one (for 5 minutes doesn't count)

    and for people that says that it deosn't support many web specs:
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    @arraysstartat1 totally agree, google started to impose their own standard, and some web services like allo and earth (if I not mistake) are available only on chrome... but when people will notice will be too late.

    also considerinf that when you install an app, you have a good chance to install also chrome and set as default browser if you forget to uncheck one box
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    @devTea Linkin Park <3
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    @dontbeevil well your site gives edge 496, firefox 497, chrome 528, opera 518, your point being?
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    I'm not a hardcore open source evangelist, but since a browser is basically a remote code execution framework, I don't use edge/chrome. Chromium... Is kind of on the edge of the acceptable.
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    @devTea wow its ONE BIG POINT behind firefox (before last ff version release edge was ahead), but you forgot to mention safari 477 ... the point is not so bad overall like people say without even know) considering that's comparable to firefox (and most of people don't say ff miss many web specs)
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    @dontbeevil ok that a lot word maybe exaggerated too much, I’m sorry
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    @devTea I'm ashemed of myself...
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    @Buggz You are right about link I have provided, but he did say Edge is correct on his Twitter: https://twitter.com/Martijn_Cuppens....

    You can also see (in comments of first tweet) other examples from different people and it so happens that Edge is correct, others are not.
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    What's the fastest you have ever gone?
    - Uhm... 186
    186 what?
    - Uhm... 186 speed score
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    Am I the only one that's pissed off because he filters out joke/meme yet this somehow landed in my feed because "rant", "devrant", "meme" (wtf use fucking joke/meme already), and a boatload of others?

    At least it doesn't have fucking #Microsoft #Edge or whatever... 🙄
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    @devTea so it's either those specs are the reason other browsers are slow or other browsers just lazy implemented them without proper optimizations.
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    Why did you labeled it as devrant and meme??
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    @DavidKevork lol😂😂😂
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    @ewpratten I was confused 🤔🤔😂😂
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