Which operating system is the best for programming

Windows. OR. Mac

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    I guess you're new here. 90% of this community uses Linux distros.
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    Windows if you are creating a Windows app. If writing a macOS app, I'd use Mac.
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    @programmer420 Stop and turn back now

    You're fixing to trigger so many Linux fanboys
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    pen and paper is the best operating system to code. period!
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    @qdsp13 @platypus what if I want to do both?
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    @heyheni Psssh that's bull shit.

    Stone tables and a chisel is what the real 1337 haxors use
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    @programmer420 virtual machines
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    Then Mac. You need a Mac to develop macOS apps.
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    @Brosyl Right. If you're looking to develop native applications for a given OS you need to use that OS.

    Java, Python, and heck even C# are ubiquitous on all operating systems these days, so what you go with doesn't matter. (I like Linux, but that's a preference)

    If I wanted to build anything for Apple I'd have to buy a Mac. There's too much integration with that ecosystem.

    Windows? Unless you have something really specific that needs it like games development or a specific visual studio toolset with C++, you can be a developer without the platform. But again, if you're working with stuff like Microsoft SQL you're in that ecosystem.
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    Every answer before mine is correct really: it depends on the needs.

    But to give my input(and take this with a grain of salt) I find MacOS the best since:

    1 it is basically a BSD based workstation with a familiar shell and tight integration to the regular workflow found in most frameworks like RoR, Laravel, Python frameworks(even though my preferred environment conda works across systems) and Node

    2 you can very well develop with .net core if you dig the .net environment, never done any gui with it for windows so I don't know about that

    3 you can build for ios and android alike, natively, which you cannot do on the others(major selling point for mobile developers)

    Window management does really suck, and the computers are really fucking expensive, you will not be able to properly use for gaming but for that you are way better served with windows and getting more power for your mac is nigh impossible.
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    @AleCx04 continuing with what I said. My second best option is Windows since a lot of environment setups is as easy as point and click. Excellent window management(imho) and great support for all hardware specs and monitors.

    Third would be Linux environments. Even though it is my favorite system for home use. It is sometimes time consuming to learn, but offers a great development experience, far superior to MacOS in my humble opinion, but lack of hardware support and non friendliness towards mobile development is off putting for me.
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    *clears throat*
    I like Linux Mint Cinnamon the most. Fast, snappy and awesome to use. Everything I need is supported or easily installable using a simple package manager.
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    Tru64 :)
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    @AlpineLinnix banana, because Apple is 💩
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    EmacsOS running vim 3:)

    In all seriousness though, probably Linux. If you need to build a Windows native however, Windows would be better.. and if you have to program for an iPhone you'll need Xcode which requires you to burn some money on an Apple computer. It depends but in most cases you'll probably benefit from the freedom, operability and maturity of terminal emulators (unlike WSL) that Linux provides.
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    It all depends on what kind of software OP is developing.
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    i use Arch
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    @Tayo Huh, I didn't know it had been ported. I use MariaDB so I'm not very familiar with MSSQL.

    Good to know there's options though. :)
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    @wowotek I use a magnet
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    @qdsp13 90% of the most vocal users use Linux as a daily os.

    Mainly due to them having to tell you what they use (mainly Arch users).

    Fixed it for you.
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    Unless you're creating a windows or a mac app, id say linux
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    @Linux what if I want to do both windows apps and Mac apps
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    i do webapps/SPAs. my stack and devtools run on every OS.

    i prefer linux, RH/fedora flavoured, i'm not as productive on different OSes.

    but i don't really mind, OS is not truly important as long as it doesn't piss me off and does the job... in my leisure i prefer mac
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