Every once in a while, I feel depressed.

From who am i, where am i questions to what will i do in the future to sustain myself...

But what hits me so hard every single time is what will happen if i die...

So i disappear

From here.

As if i never wake up again from my sleep

It is like


I don't know how to explain but..

It terrifies me

Think about it

You... Poof!


From this world

And if you have no kids,well,

Gone. Completely



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    How old are you?
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    @DuckDuckWent nvm, seen your profile description. Look man you have your whole life in front of you! What you’ll do in your life is what’s truly going to impact this world and that will be your heritage. We all die biologically. Ideas and actions can last centuries though. Think of that as an inspiration: This is your life, your CHANCE to change this world. And you’re only 15, which means you literally have your whole life in front of you. You have so many options, there is so much you can do to change this world and live a life to be remembered
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    Gotta love that 0:43, note this is from facebook videos

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    You are going through what philosophers call an 'existential crisis'. It hits the best of us.

    Just take it easy brother. Keep your head straight and the rest will fall in place. Take care of yourself. Your health should be your biggest priority in life.
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    I understand dude. *hug*
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    I feel your sadness, I go the other way and hate life so much I want to die. It can be sad but everything ends and you have so much life left, you can still have an amazing life, and once you've done that you'll be peaceful with dying.

    Do something that you enjoy, that helps me. Go for a run, program, exercise, paint, whatever you like doing. It takes effort to start but you'll enjoy it.
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    Gone is not a problem, all problems are gone with you.

    Also, kids are in no way you, you also gone even if you have no kids, hence, gone is not a problem, is just something that is and will always be.

    I don't get when people think dissapering is a problem, after all, your problems are only problems when you are there to have them, other wise, they are not your problems.

    Anyway, occupy your time and mind on the stuff that you are in right now, be mindful.
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    @mundo03 he's not worried about his life problems. He's having an existential crisis.
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    @DucksCanCode uh, what? Are you alright? :)
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    Feel you. Hugs...
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    @matsaki95 that's a kinda terrifying thought and would put a lot of pressure on me tbh .-.
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    @matsaki95 the other side?

    Sooo, existential crisis vs knowing that every tiny thing you do will haunt you forever in unpredictable ways

    In all fairness, I don't see how that's supposed to be the bright side ^^'
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    This is NOT depression, is a frigging existential crisis.
    First lesson:
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