Saw a guy asking on LinkedIn for PHP frameworks. He was currently using notepad++ as framework.

Say what... 🤓

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    He wanted to become a "pro" web dev 😂
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    Finish him. Do it. Come on.
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    @EpIcInCoGnItO Let's suggest him to use Netbeans as framework 😂
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    @bdriesen It took me 2 mins to digest that Notepad++ things. for the love of God finish him 😑
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    I'm sure he would love Google Chrome. Recommend it to him.
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    @grosten 😂😂😂😂
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    i am a hobbyist php developer. I usually develop using nano through ssh,projects are never complicated though and no frameworks
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    @dhruvil why would you torture yourself? xD

    Just use some decent ide/text editor and focus on the product you're building
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    @juzles because sometimes ftp is disabled on servers and 2 factor scp is just too much of a hassle
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    @dhruvil as they should be disabled but that doesn't mean you can't use an IDE that has an SSH connection to the server to open the files for editing and or building. Even a text editor like sublime or notepad++ has these abilities.
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    @donkeyScript didn't know about sublime text plugin need to try it.
    does it handle 2fa?
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    @dhruvil I haven't used it with 2fa but I don't see why not. I'm sure Google can help 😉 It will help speed up your productivity
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    And being a php developer i never tried this Notepad++ framework
    ohh i regret 😕
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