This website is tricking people into allowing notification.

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    not exactly the most malicious thing i've seen...
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    Notifications are the new way that they're sneaking ads in. It's brilliant because most web browsers will explicitly tell the script if it doesnt have permission to post notifications, meaning they can lock users out if they get wise and try to disable notifs. Would love to see an extension for "silent" or "passive" notification blocking, or even implemented as a mainline feature.
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    I fucking hate websites which you visit and it wants to instantly sent notifications.
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    What I don't get: RSS has existed for over two decades now. Browsers show RSS icons for websites which offer them. RSS is "really simple syndication", a way for website owners to push updates to followers...

    So why does the notification API even exist?

    True, most readers weren't all that great... But the protocol is perfect, it gives power to the user. Why not just expand on that, turn browsers into smarter RSS readers instead of shoving this exploitable crap down user's throat?
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    @bittersweet Because exploitation sells.
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    What I mean is that I don't understand that w3c introduced webnotifs when RSS is a proven technology. Notifications could easily have been built on top of RSS.

    In my opinion the layer on top of RSS should be solved by browsers or using extensions, not by creating a new web standard.
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    @bittersweet It's for chat/email/other communication apps.
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    Why would anyone agree to implement that?
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    The main problem with RSS is that (edit: AFAIK) it pulls (and polls) data instead of pushing it. That's far too inefficient for this day and age, especially with the increasing demand to be notified within a second of an event occuring.
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    People think this is awfully mean but I think that’s fucking genius
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    This is so fucking dumb and hilarious at the same time.
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    I got so mad by this, i almost downvoted the rant
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    @tokumei I wouldn't. Being able to silence them makes them think they can keep doing it because you can turn them off yourself but stupid people (most non-techy people) won't. Google and Mozilla should both put big warning labels on these pages. Maybe even put them 2 pages down in the Google search results so the website has to be changed before being put back. They'll learn soon enough that this behavior is unacceptable
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    The first thing I do after installing Chrome is disabling notifications. It's a horrible, horrible feature that should be opt-in, if anything.
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    @Loading In my opinion it is mean and genious at the same time 😆
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    @Krokoklemme @tokumei can you give me a website which shows this behavior of locking out? I think its a great idea, I might implement it if i have the time :)
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