We all once printed "Hello World" & were acting like a pro 😏
Cheers, we all made it till here, more than "Hello World! 🍺

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    (Ps that missing “ is driving me mad)
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    @Orni I see you are a true interpreter
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    I still print Hello World... Or just test. Guess experience makes it shorter.
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    yeah we are way ahead of hello world but the feeling of happiness while creating the hello world programme was awesome 🤘🤘....
    memories 😁
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    When i noticed missing ", I was happy as I thought I found where was the error.
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    I think I always wrote "hello world" or some random string. I don't understand how people take the time to capitalize the letters.
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    Ah, the good old k&r example.
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    @xzvf ik you’re waiting for someone to ask what k&r means, so I’ll bite.

    What’s k&r
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    @Orni K&R=>kernie and richy, Authors of the book "The C Programming Language"(the defacto C standard before ANSI C and still the best C book out there)among other things. They introduced the "Hello World" programm as an example. Also they created the k&r style for C(the most commonly used one).
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