MacBook Air:
> Retina Display
> Touch ID
> 17% less volume
> 128GB SSD
> T2 Chip (Core i5 with 1.6 GHz / 3.6 GHz in turbo mode)
Price starting at $1199

Mac Mini:
> T2 Chip
> up to 64GB RAM
> up to 2TB all-flash SSD
> better cooling than previous Mac Mini
> more ports than previous Mac Mini - even HDMI, so you can connect it to any monitor of your choice!
> stackable - yes, you can build a whole data center with them!
Price is 799$

Both MacBook Air and Mac Mini are made of 100% recyled aluminium!
Good job, Apple!

iPad Pro:
> home-button moved to trash
> very sexy edges (kinda like iPhone 4, but better)
> all-screen design - no more ugly borders on the top and bottom of the screen
> 15% thinner and 25% less volume than previous iPads
> liquid retina display (same as the new iPhone XR)
> Face ID - The most secure way to login to your iPad!
> A12X Bionic Chip - Insane performance!
> up to 1TB storage - Whoa!
> USB-C - Allow you to connect your iPad to anything! You can even charge your iPhone with your iPad! How cool is that?!
> new Apple Pencil that attaches to the iPad Pro and charges wirelessly
> new, redesigned physical keyboard
Price starting at 799$

Also, Apple introduced "Today at Apple" - Hundreds of sessions and workshops hosted at apple stores everywhere in the world, where you can learn about photography, coding, art and more! (Using Apple devices of course)

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    So it's a marketing publication instead of news?
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    Hahaha, no no.
    Just the most interesting thing that happened today :)

    In case of the Face ID, for example, I was kinda sarcastic regarding security
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    That Mac Mini sounds cool. Any MacBook Pro or non-Pro iPad news?

    (Not that I'm planning on blowing that kind of money again too soon...)
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    Unfortunately that's all that Apple announced today.
    Let's see what happens in the future...
    I'd love to see another iPad Mini!
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    MacBook Air! Now even harder to keep from bending, denying, or otherwise mutilating! (But you can lose it more easily, because it's now harder to keep out of small slot-like spaces that you can't get things out of!)
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    Did they contaminate the air with that God-awful touchbar?
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    No touchbar :)
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    Was waiting to see the satirical comments or sarcasm while reading the blatantly underwhelming specs and the lack of innovation. I am disappoint.
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    @arcadesdude no one expects innovation from Apple so there's no room for sarcasm. Apple's only key area is marketing.
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    128gb ssd? That will only fit like 2 painal compilations on it.
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    I dont see a reason to buy Mac book pro anymore. Air has retina too <3
  • 1
    @gowtham-sai other than for development with Xcode on the go
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    @evalie you can use air for xcode also right? :thinking_face:
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    This "news posts" feels rather biased in its tone
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    @irene tell that to the doctors without borders.
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    T2 chip: because we want even our speakers to have DRM on it.
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    @jespersh I don’t really get why this is a thing anyway...
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