Why do people suggest using arch when they have many ready to go distros.....?

I've heard that chances for breaking the whole system is high and is risky...

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    These same people suggest linux for everyone despite it not fitting the needs that everyone has lol
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    It is cool to learn new things about the operating system.

    But, people have lives.....

    They can't waste time on building a prone environment and rebuild whenever it fails....😑
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    Obligatory reference:


    Though really, if you ever used Gentoo or LFS back in the day, Arch is nothing by comparison. Biggest faff is just sorting out some of the packages.
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    Why do people recommend building your own PC when you can just buy a Mac?

    Same reason.

    And Arch doesn't just break every two days. It's usually pretty stable as long as you don't mess up something. And if you mess up it often doesn't matter if you're running Arch or Ubuntu.
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    Running arch on 3 laptops right now. I remember two big failures in last 6 years. One was while updating system that was not used for almost a year. More stable than MacOS in my experience

    But it's not a system for everyone. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless they ask for my opinion about arch specifically.
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    Didn't have the time nor the will to fresh install arch. I'm a happy Manjaro user now.
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    I just want to avoid all the unneccesary stuff that comes with ready to go distros. I used Kubuntu at first but it feels a bit bloated to me these days.
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    Every. Mofo. Distribution. Can. Break.

    Yes. Even Debian.

    Rolling release has nothing to do with it.

    Usually there are 800 plus packages in a system...

    Add this to the clusterfuck number of variables due to hardware, system call versioning, kernel versioning, upstream patches and so on....

    Plus increased by the number of packages which ship their own set of library copies in their build - Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice and so on... Bundled libraries.

    It's rather amazing how everythings working :) :)
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    I have 2 computers: 1 arch and 1 Manjaro.

    I actually spend more time trying to fix things on Manjaro (that is a great distro, BTW) then on Arch.

    But you have the initial time to invest installing it. I actually did it pretty fast, as I chose the simpler packages.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I'm not doing this again because quite frankly, I don't give a fuck.

    You have your opinions and I'll have mine. And we're gonna leave it exactly like that.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Yea because being a troll like you means I'm "asserting that I'm smarter."

    Ok cool. Glad to know I'm so smart :)
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    @FrodoSwaggins Thanks for the suggestion! I'll keep it in mind!

    So glad there's such awesome people on this platform always trying to help out. :D It's what makes this place awesome compared to most social media.
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    The reason people love their Arch installation is because one doesn't "install" Arch.
    People "build" Arch for themselves. Real sweat and hard work goes in learning how to install it for the first time. For a lot of people, it is a way to deeper understanding of the Linux ecosystem. The work it pain but the fruit is equally sweet.
    That's why people love Arch.

    PS: I used to use Arch. Now, I use NixOS.
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    As you said

    Having ultimate control on the software is not my priority...

    Utilizing that software and completing the work on time is my priority and Ubuntu fits my needs

    Thanks 😊
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    I suggest Antergos to newcomers and Arch to people that know how to control Linux.
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    Antergos Installation started this morning at 10am,
    still running 😑😑😑😑

    Weak network connection maybe...
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    @irene Who uses Cinnamon anyway ? Most likely GNOME or KDE or some other crap.
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    The nix design is a piece of art.
    After using Nix, Docker feels like an imposter.
    Infact, I've written more about my experience with nixos on my blog (https://shreyanshja.in/).
    Everyone is welcome to read. ;-)
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    @irene OHHHHH How dare you ????? My perfect GNOME setup is mad at you right now. OK then maybe i3 but thats all GNOME, i3 and maybe MATE
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    Its like saying, why make your own food when you can buy instant noodles?
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    @anon404 exactly

    Except that
    We cook our own food in a rail station without catching the train 😑
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