It begins..

Soon we will rule these lands..
*chromium speaking in deep gandalf's voice*


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    Monopoly in action.
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    When you can’t beat them, buy then.
    When they’re worth more then you can pay, join them!
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    As long as chromium is oss I don't see a problem. Noone would slip in any unnoticed changes into chromedge, which is a good thing. Yes, I know it's still possible in at least 2 ways, but ms should be too fucking lazy retards to let that happen.

    Also this would be easier on us, devs, as we will no longer have to worry about different standards in different browsers. Suppose chromedge creates some custom feature making websites to pop out off the screen - we'll adapt to that, of course. But if community falls in love with that feature I'm confident chromium will adopt it as well, meaning it'll become a new standard.

    Also I like the idea of ms contributing to chromium oss.

    I see all this as a good thing. But it begs a question: what will happen to ff? Will it pivot, or is it strong enough to stand its ground?
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    @irene how are likes and dislijes relevant here?
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    @irene please, enlighten me
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    @irene isn't blink oss?
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    @irene how does the inner workings of engine affect you or any other webdev? Why would you even care...?

    Also it's quite difficult to have oss monopoly. Monopoly, by definition, is absolute cobtrol over some resource, service or product in the market. Oss projects are the opposite of it - driven by everyone in the market. Unless chromium starts discarding PRs I don't how it could become a monopoly. Even then people could fork it, preserve interfaces and make something better in the bkend, community-driven [again] which could be easily swapped with current chromium [due to preserved interfaces].

    All I see is standartization. By no means a monopoly.
    Was apache httpd a monopoly of webservers? Is android a monopoly of mobile devices? As long as more than one entity has control over it OR there are alternatives it's not a monopoly. Majority of the market - yes. Is it bad tho? You are the one who has the power to change it.. Either do PRs or go with alternatives. Either way it's an improvement of that particular field of technology in the big pic.

    Please explain your point of view, because the monopoly-armagedon-what_if_someone_doesnt_like_whats_under_the_hood_i_e_blink_engine arguments are confusing me :)
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    @irene thank you :)
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