tl;dr I need ideas on how to warn the next dev(s) that the company is a dumpster fire.


For the past week (actual time: three days) I've been writing documentation for work, since there isn't any. It's been okay, I guess. Certainly more interesting than anything else I've done at work in months.

I'm up to 10k words / 67kb of markdown, and I think I'm done. I could easily write another 30k words on everything, but I just can't care enough.

However, what I do care about is warning the next dev(s) about how terrible the place is to work, so I want to add little references or hints or other such things to my writing. To complicate that, there's a contractor dev who said he will edit the document to strip out my commentary and make it "friendly" for the next person. (I can kind of see why: I've been quite honest about the situation of everything, and it's pretty dire. If they read it as-is, they might just walk out the door. I certainly would have.) I'm also going to commit it to the repo, and afaik he doesn't have push rights, so he can't force-push and remove it. (and a force-push by someone else, adding my documentation immediately after I leave... that would be pretty fishy, too.)

Anyway, at someone's suggestion, I added a "three envelopes" reference in the access phrase generator section. I also wrote "Promises made outside of ES6 will not resolve" -- in the warning section of a document almost entirely about Rails. (because the boss has broken every single promise he has ever made me.)

What other hints and subtle warnings could I add?

(And hurry: tomorrow is my last day! ;3)

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    keep it simple hint: Run bitch, run !!!
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    Add code explaination snippets or referrences to "this is fine" cartoon that has the dog in the fire saying this is fine. He new hire knows memes it will be clear what you mean.
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    Reference external images on your own servers then replace the images?
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    I don't get it, it he took the job, it's already too late? And the only way he'll see the doc is after getting hired.
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    cant you just email the poor bastard after you have quit?
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    Promises outside es6 will not be resolved, wow, genious 😂

    now, BOSS (Backbone Operating Software Source) must be outside es6!
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    📌 for "research purposes"
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    @root that is nice of you but, I would be careful. Their might be legal repercussions.

    The next developer will be a big boy or girl and will be able to make their own decisions.
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    Some reference to the `volatile` keyword in java? Maybee you can sneak in a reference to it in some async context?
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    The best vengeance is forgetting all about them. Don't give any warnings, don't try and save others from your situation, just let the dumpsterfire burn and know that you are no longer a part of it, and that's the best thing that can happen.
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    spin up a vuepress instance with your original and distribute the link of your vuepress site throughout the code in comments.
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    Totally agree on that
    Markets going to judge the company, product, people and price.
    If it survives, there might be a plus value for a good percentage of partakers.
    If not, @Root, you're the first to eradicate this shit hole.
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    You'd find a new job and quit, my brother was working at Japan based international company as a senior dev his bosses were treating devs like shit, he was working on companies billing system at that time and found discrepancies in developers pay checks, found a new job, became a whistle blower and left the company.
    Same month company gave everyone 45% pay raise and bought everyone new MacBook. Company offered him his position back a couple of times but he never considered going back.
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    put a post in reddit saying "run bitch,. thing is on fire" then just put the /r/ link as if it was a formula or smth
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    /*01000100 01110101 01101101 01110000 01110011 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01100110 01101001 01110010 01100101*/

    Copy paste
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    As well as a type of salad dressing ;)
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