Scammers mann:
“Hello sir, you have to renew your subscription before tomorrow else you’ll be charged $299.99 from your bank account.”

Me: And what’s this subscription you’re talking?

“Your Microsoft antivirus subscription, sir.”

Me: Oh wow, and when did I subscribe to this?

“Three years ago, sir.”

Me: lmbo. Please find someone else to scam.

“No sir, it shows here that you subscribed to Microsoft antivirus 3 years ago.”

Me: Dude, I was in college three years ago. I was too broke to be subscribing to useless stuff like this.

“But sir, its an antivirus. You subscribed to protect your Windows PC from viruses, malware so that bad people and hackers don’t get into your computer to do bad things and steal your info.”

Me: Well, what a coincidence. You’re describing yourself except you’re trying to attack my bank account not my pc. And oh, I’ve been using Linux for the past 5 years and currently own a MacBook so good luck finding someone to fall for this.

“Oh, I see. Sorry.”

*Scammer hangs up.

Lmbo, like dude seriously?

Unfortunately though, someone at my work mother fell for this and had to close all her accounts and create new ones.

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    Lmbo? Laughing my boobs off?
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    @nitwhiz ballsack. 😂😂
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    @nitwhiz hahah whatever you’re laughing off. Trying to be polite to say “butt” instead of “a$$”. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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    @nitwhiz could you send a video?
    I've not seen someone laugh so hard XD
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    @gitlog 😂😂 please don’t!!
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    Back when I had free time to waste, I once went through a load of test bank account details & test card numbers, reeling them off so they tried to take payment from them all.

    I got through about 12 different ones before they hung up...!
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    It just occurred to me, but I wonder if all of these people actually know that they are scamming people? What if they are just hired callers given a cue card to follow? As in, the scammers set up the operations and outsource the actual scamming.

    I just wonder if it's always the case that the person calling you knows they are trying to screw you over. I'm sure it is some of the time. But I wonder if sometimes it's just someone who needed the money and took some shady job as a work from home "telemarketer".
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    But, fuck you just because you used "b" instead of "a".
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    @Mokalottay I have seen some YouTube video where a scam company ex-employee was interviewed. Sometimes they genuinely don't know, sometimes they know and don't care. In that case the person was hired to a seemingly legit company, and was forced to stay by some means that I can't recall. Maybe they wouldn't give him some of his documents back or something.
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    Biggest takeaway from this post is LMBO 😂🤣🤣😋
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    @suprano Trying to be polite while swearing 😂 in a community of devs 😂

    I'm lmbo right now 😂
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    Ok, y’all need to leave me alone. 😂😂
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    @Root haha we have some babies amongst us.
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    Seems like there is need for some education in your company :D
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    @kLue not my company. A coworker’s mother fell for it. It happened when the coworker was at work and her mom called her about it so she asked me. They claimed to be calling from Microsoft and that they need to remote on her computer to remove virus. They sent her a link to click on which gave them the permission to get on her computer. In the end she contacted her banks, Amazon and other places to report.
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    Why I read this story in indian accent. Anyway I like more poor Ukrainian girl type of scam. :)
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    @nonsleep1 this guy. Haha. Well, the scammer was an Indian
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    Why would somebody close all their accounts after being scammed?
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    @suprano ya that’s believe 😂
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