Windows 10 'App Store' Stole My Money.

So I work a 40 hour work week, sometimes more, same as anyone, on my feet, all day.

I get home, buy a little $3.99 app. Won't install. Check it again won't install. I check some guides. Follow all the standard commands, my purchase won't install. Use the tools. won't install.

Naturally I sent off what I'm good at, some hate filled invective

For fucks sake. I'm exhausted, have insomnia and want to wind down. And here microsoft is killing 32bit libraries to dispose of competing services like steam (also fuck gabe in his fat asshole) but I digress.

And they expect us to use their services? Spend our hard earned *fucking money*..and spend half an hour on their dumpster fire fucking 'walled garden' with nothing to fucking show for it?

No refund button. No chat option. Just a fucking feedback hub. Look at it some time. JUST LOOK AT IT. The motherfucking *feedback* hub *frozeup* in the process of my feedback. Microsoft is a sewer of negligent business practices and incompetence.

So I've chosen now to aim two heavy ion cannons at them and warned them too. Two twitter accounts, one with almost 10k followers and another with 15k.

Should have just offered a manual download button microsoft.

My money would have been better spent on alcohol. Cheap alcohol. It's not like it's a lot of money and I don't buy a lot online, but it's the principle. You're fucking *payment* process worked *just fucking fine*.

Anyway can anyone calculate the monetary damage a cumulative quarter million views over the course of a month will do to the reputation of the windows store in dollar amounts?

I'm betting it's going to be a lot fucking more than three fucking ninety nine.

Don't worry microsoft, I'm gonna take it out of your sweet fucking hide.

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    Wait, are you actually DOS-ing a site for 3.99? Are you crazy?
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    No, just gonna make the news with 'windows 10 store plagued by poor management screws another customer' as a headline.
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    @Wisecrack I see. Thought you meant ion cannon in some other way.
    Give them hell, no proper way to get a refund is unacceptable.
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    There's something in that shit stain "store" to actually waste money on?

    I've done nothing with that thing besides disabling the auto-install's of bullshit like candy crush.
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    "Two heavy ion cannons"

    I'll add this expression to my vocabulary. It's hilarious!
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    I’ll send you 3.99€ man. Just don’t start the 3rd ww war please.
    We all know that Microsoft app store is like Made in China thing.
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    @flake do you really believe the fairy tale that automatic repair and problem solving works in any m$ product?
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    @ilikeglue I had it working twice. Once for resetting my network card that somehow didn't work anymore, and the other time it told me that there is a Wifi switch at the side of my netbook that I need to turn on for using Wifi.
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    Theres a couple of small indie devs who do good work and I've supported in the past.

    Still baffled why in the fuck they chose the windows 10 store route though.
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    "I’ll send you 3.99€ man. Just don’t start the 3rd ww war please. "

    I should send YOU $3.99 for this comment. Gave me a little chuckle.
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    the wrath of online mobs is a potent weapon!
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    @Wisecrack honestly, it reminded me of the ion cannon from C&C. Ah, the nostalgia.
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    @RantSomeWhere skrew you. *installs C&C*
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    I was a wee lad when I played it though, and I only played red alert.

    I was too busy growing up to do anything except collect dirty mags from used storage auctions and scamming old people at flea markets.

    I'm not proud of the magazines. On account I threw them away eventually instead of selling them but I digress. One mans trash!
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    @RantSomeWhere crap, do I want to play generals, zero hour or tiberian wars 🤔

    Fuck it - let's play them all again.
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    @C0D4 I revisited the series a couple of months ago for shits and giggles. TibSun, generals and later TibWars (+ Kane's Wrath) was basically my entire childhood, along with StarCraft. Love RTS games.

    There's a surprisingly active community around Kane's Wrath. They still host tournaments from time to time.
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    @possum fortunately its quite easy to refund it.
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    @RantSomeWhere haha, my child hood involved red alert, yuria revebge, tiberian sun and generals.
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    Reminds me of Norton when, and I assume it is difficult these days.. you paid for the software but they would only allow you to download it 5 times.

    After that, no more !

    So, just tough luck if you had to reinstall your OS 6 times and thought, no worries, I'll just download my paid for antivirus and I'll be peachy..

    No, you find out when you try to download it the 6th time, it won't let you, and then they tell you, only 5 times mate !

    Customer service basically said, tough luck..

    Never brought from them again !
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    And now I'll never buy from them too!

    Wasn't gonna anyway, but it's the thought that matters right?
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    Love C&C stuff, except..

    You can never play a long game without them crashing.

    Any of them !

    Even modern remakes...

    Testing out Zero-K, quite nice, but long game, crashes..

    I guess the only way I'm ever going to get a long game in something like this is code my own !

    The last time anyone made something like that which didn't crash, was Stonkers..

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    > "The game was plagued with bugs and early versions crashed after a few minutes of play"

    Fucking lol'd.
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    @Nanos how long? Ive played entire campaigns in 1 run, online and offline skirmish's for hours on end without issue.
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    12+ hours.
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    They mostly appear to crash when you have a large number of units in play.

    In the past folk used to say to me, "It's because you don't have enough RAM !", or "You need a better video card!"

    Well, now I've a GTX 1060 6Gb card, and 24Gb of RAM..
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    @Nanos bit weird.
    With specs like that you should be fine, can't see ram being an issue unless it's capped somehow.
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    I have a gift in getting things to crash. :-)

    Reminds me of this recent TV series I watched..

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    @Nanos I've heard good things about that one.
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    I assume you mean the TV show. :-)

    Oh for threaded messages !
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    @Nanos yes, TibSun and the older games don't seem to like multicore CPUs and Win10. There are patches for that, though
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    @Nanos yes the show 😂
    It's a joy to have multithread issues in chat.
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    They used to crash when I had a single core CPU and XP. :-)

    I just resign myself to the fact that I'm never going to have a week long game, unless its chess pieces on a board..
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    Microsoft app store just made an enemy
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    Maybe my constant bug reports are being taken notice of, as the last few test games have not crashed since a few updates.

    I'll leave it paused overnight to check, as it used to crash then !
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