True courage. Now I remember why I don't normally use Apple products

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    What exactly is going on in this picture?
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    @xroad you can't use and charge the apple mouse at the same time because some genius put the lightning port at the bottom of the mouse
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    @brukernavn32 damn that's stupid. Apples pretty good on UX for the most part but some of the things they do make no sense. I personally never use my Magic Mouse myself. Logitech FTW
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    @brukernavn32 that's why I only use the old style with AA batteries!
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    Hah! Dead mouse on its back. lol
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    The new iMouse 7 ! You can now listen to music with your mouse while your iphone 7 is in charge :D
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    @gsoulie Why would someone want to listen to music through their mouse?
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    That's not a Magic Mouse, it's more a dead rat!!
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    @xinuxunil just trolling about iphone 7 jack removing ;)
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    I'd probably fire that designer for making such a stupid design.

    I mean OS X alerts you when your mouse battery is low so it's pretty hard to forget to charge it. But if you do, good luck trying to do any work the following day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    In all fairness, I have Magic Mouse, and if you charge it for a few minutes it last many days. I do it when getting coffee
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    Wait is this a real thing??? That's so fucking stupid.
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    This would make more sense if there was a docking station for it.
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    Apple computers are so fucking fast, and probably osx is the most stable, clean and easy to use of all the OSes I came across, but I can't tolerate how **retarded** they are when they make their customers swallow their nonsense decisions.
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    @ezbie I'd put the blame on the idiots who buy crap like this just because its shiny with a fruit on it, customers control a company in reality, if a product didn't sell a company wouldn't keep making it, Apple don't make customers swallow anything, if you don't want it don't buy it, if no one buys it the company rethinks the product. For example the iPhone 7 with no headphone jack, if no one bought it, you can be damn sure the 7s would have a headphone jack, yet idiots still queued up for days to get it because Apple.
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    I'm not even surprised. It's an Apple product.
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