Our manager is not a developer and he has no idea of what we are doing most of the time, but he thinks that stand-up meetings are the coolest way to control us.
Sometimes coworkers joke about his lack of knowledge and today I think we reached the highest jerk level: «Yesterday I opened a new branch on the git repository and today I'll continue on this task».
I struggled to stay serious on my turn.

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    Oh fuck, I would have broken down in laughter.
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    Well, I know some companies who have stand-up meetings in the morning for about 15-20 minutes and they do quite well. Maybe it's your attitude which is wrong?
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    @AndiLeni we found the manager
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    What a tool.
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    Coughing (as if you have something to say), each time an important point is about to be made, works wonders to annoy the shit out of people.

    Also, interrupting the punch line of jokes causes them to fall flat and ruins the momentum of a meeting.

    It's an excellent way to hurry along pointless meetings.
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    What are stand up meetings?
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    @chagai95 brief meetings where you don't sit down
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    It’s your 15 minutes of daily hell.
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