What are some job possibilities for software engineers that are a bit more challenging?

Software Engineering just became routine and with all the hin abstractions during the past years it’s not really a complex job anymore.

Thoughtful about data science but I think I’d get bored with that as well after a few years.

Looking for ideas with:
- technical skills
- have a lot if responsibility
- at least same pay

Would be interested in e.g. investment banking but that seems far out of my league (education wise)..

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    You want a challenge?

    Take up the offer the next time a friend or even someone you know asks for help for a stake in the company.

    Bonus points if it's related to social media.
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    @Stuxnet Bonus Bonus Bonus if it has AI and Blockchain.
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    @Demolishun bonus if you have to sign an NDA
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    I am currently employed as a programmer. I also have an electronics background. I want more challenge and want to be a CS. So I am going to pursue all the subjects a CS student would be required to learn. From there I think I can expand the things I will do.

    I think the next challenge after that would be building a unique product that solves a problem. I am thinking as part of my math studies for CS I will write a program similar to matlab. Write it using FP style as its math, so why not. Also, for compiler studies use a language in the math program.
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    Cryptography is pretty challenging, but its more math tbh
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    Start your own company.
    You'll learn a lot of things....
    Innovating, Marketing, Finance, Leadership, Reaching out to customers and investors.
    And on top of that you'll get the chance to get wealthy.
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    Specific projects?
    Oh, there are plenty.

    Optimized memory allocator.
    Harden said allocator.

    Write something to replace systemd.
    Write utilities to replace all of its bullshit components. Don't tie them together or I will find you and break your fingers.

    Write a time library that takes general and special relativity into account. Going to need that for spacecraft heading to Mars.

    Build a better, less-malware-prone package manager to replace e.g. npm.

    Write software to gracefully handle all of the possible faults in 3d printing. Angles, shock, filament melting points (or substrate/dust melting points), stuck filaments, incorrect actuator speeds, pause/resume, etc. Someone will eventually, and right now 3d printers are no better than the first dot-matrix printers. Make them better! They'll be one of the most useful bits of tech out there in the near future. Think: 3d printing circuit boards (coupled with a pnp machine, ofc), or printing parts in space with resources mined from asteroids.

    There are lots of projects that are both challenging and beneficial. Not sure on the pay, though. 😕
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    I don't think any of the marvels you see can happen without the abstractions.
    You can choose to work with multiple layers of abstraction, but definitely not all of them.
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    If your into math there are plenty. P != NP still unsolved (Nobel price guaranteed).
    By myself, I find data science very interesting, but haven't had the time det to read into it.
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