So, my crush told me how she lost her 800+ bookmarks related to her very crucial project (She isn't into computers). I told her she could recover them and I'll help her with the steps. She was so paranoid about losing the rest of the project if something were to go wrong while recovering.
Bookmarks got recovered. She's happy.( I just took the bookmarks.bak file from the chrome folder and converted it to an html doc.)

4 days later-
Her: dude, what the fuck did you do. The whole system has been reset. The whole project is gone. Fucking know-it-all. She thinks I'm responsible for the system restore.
- - - - - -

She's going to HATE me for life 😭. What did i ever do to you, you Microsoft Developers 😔. Why you do this.

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    P.S. I'm bad at expression as you can read (if you do) or else she won't just be a crush
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    It's not Microsoft's fault that she's a cunt. Never help her again.
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    @rutee07 probably won't 🤦
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    That moment you discover your crush isn't worth crushing ... Git pull
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    @karma 🙂 LoS (laughing out softly :p)
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    get a new crush, she don't deserve ya
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    This is why you don't help friends lol
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    hmm.. what's bothering me is HOW did she lose all those bookmarks in the first place. Did she do anything?

    I'm thinking these two events could be related.

    Bookmarks don't just come and go. Esp in Chrome. Esp in chrome w/ bookmarks sync enabled.
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    @netikras yeah she had a crash similar to this before. She lost bookmarks then. Now she's onto me for the new crash and losing of the project.
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    Not only this, i even asked her to take a backup and that i would set up your google drive for automatic backups but she had no time 😅
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    Wait, i have a question. She had temp.[hostname] folders in her user directory. Could it be that she's been doing all of her work in a temp profile. Is there such a thing in windows ?
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    @rutee07 Agreed, finally someone with some sense in this thread.

    You cant idiot proof everything, some people are just that stupid that they would fuck everything up.
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    These temp folders, what are these ? Anyone ?
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    How come users are temporary? Wtf? @mentions ???
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    @melezorus34 after some searching, i found out that windows has temporary profiles.
    So if a profile gets deleted from the hard disk and the user tries to login using that profile, windows creates a temp profile and warns the user that she/he is logged in using a temporary profile, but everything works normally (untill it doesn't). :p

    There wasn't much info on this, so, just hoping someone can confirm this.
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    The canonical answer to such requests is "just use your backup". Usually, they whine "but I don't have a backup". The canonical answer to that one is "then the data were not important, otherwise you would have made a backup". Problem solved.
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    And btw, there's nothing that will get you friendzoned as quickly as doing free work for your crush. What it won't lead you to are her pants.
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    @Fast-Nop so, charge her ? 🤣
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    @mentions oh, so the goddamn win updates.
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    @mentions yes and perhaps lower the price for her (first time only)
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    @mentions While that won't actually bring you ahead either, it will at least not totally ruin your chances.

    With free work, what you basically tell her is "my time is less valuable than yours because I'm so worthless that I already have to work just to enjoy your very presence".
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    that's a sign of God.
    you deserve better.

    *cough cough*
    my gf is jewelery designer. i cn understand pain.
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    Wasn't there a windows update recently that deleted stuff off your desktop ?

    Related link:

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    Note, if you try to engage with such people and explain it isn't your fault, things can just go from bad to worse.

    Best to cut and run, fast !

    You might even need to change your phone number, your name, and move 1,000 miles away..
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    I'm reminded of a recent helpful thing I did with someone over their heating system, which was incorrectly set and costing them twice as much to run as it should.

    I think once the penny dropped and they understood it was because they didn't read the manual, it wasn't anyone else's fault.

    No thank you or anything, they just stopped talking !

    Suddenly I might understand why folk have been slashing their tyres..

    Actually, that reminds me of a time I was chatting to someone and they was telling me an awful story about the time when someone tried to kill them.

    I really should have asked, do you know why..

    Just they might have had a really good reason !

    I did find out later what that reason was..
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    @Nanos i forgot about the feb 2020 file deletion update. 🤦. Thanks man.
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    Yeah, if one tries to explain, the other thinks as if one is just lying to save face.
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    If you don't mind me asking, what was the reason 😂. I feel it was because they were irritating ?!
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    If you didn't do what they wanted, they would threaten your life !

    So a very toxic person to be around, and one to run kilometres from.

    Some folk of course, when threatened, turn violent !
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    And you just wanted to help.
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    Lesson learned: whenever you touch someones computer you are doomed to eternal support and responsibility.
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    So did you charge her for the recovery?
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    @PaszaVonPomiot lol no. I only charge for lines of code. Troubleshooting, i just like to learn.
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    no backup - no sympathy
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