The new Windows Terminal is out and damn they advertise a terminal like a phone 😄

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    I think it's nice. Can't wait until it replaces cmd.exe (although I understand that might not fully happen).
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    Well they did advertise a phone at some point too. How did that turn out?
    Maybe they advertised it as a terminal?
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    Yeah I like it have had it a while but only just removed cmder from the task bar and replaced it as my go to
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    It's really nice actually
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    I have my doubts.

    In true Microsoft fashion, even the video doesn't work!
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    @Ubbe I think COMMAND.exe is still there. If that's the case, cmd has no chance of going anywhere :)
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    Yes, the terminal is nice. Still cmd and powershell as the backend though.

    The new terminal with WSL is the only way to get something done on Windows imo.
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    It is worth the hype tbh. It really is the best way to use WSL and makes multiple terminals much easier to get up with the panes. I use WSL for working on remote machines over SSH and it finally feels like a proper modern interface.
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    Yeah but until I can set it as my default terminal, it's not useful to me!
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    @kamen lets hope not... it is happens it might be a disaster...
    you need a relaible backup dont put anything on those shiny new BS products
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    @Gregozor2121 Sure, but I want at least to be able to manually set bat and cmd to open in WT.
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