I see a trend here.

Posts of people with good number of ++’s get more ++’s than the posts of people with less number of ++’s. Even if the post of person with good number of ++’ is just a normal conversation starter and post of person with less number of ++’s is an actual good fucking rant.

It’s not a bad thing, per se. I hope nobody gets offended. All in good spirit.

To people with good number of ++’s:
Let’s not hold back and ++ the good content of people with less number of ++’s.

To people with less number of ++’s:
Don’t hold back your thoughts. Be free. Write free. Don’t try to make your rant to look a certain way to get more ++’s. We are all here to support.

Let’s grow together and spread positivity.


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    Well, I never really ++ anything cause I just never tend to do so, no idea why. So to be fair, I shouldnt have many ++ myself.
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    I'm extremely offended
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    Oi DevRanters and lurkers...++, ++ wherever you are.

    Please 😊
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    Does that even matter?
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    @iiii It does because humans are just weird.
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    If a green dot says hi, I'll give him a ++
    If a green dot reposts a meme for the billionth time, I just scroll on by.

    I don't think there's a great divide abstracted by ++ count, there's just different types of posts getting more attention, check theabbie for example.... that guy became famous overnight, but at the same time, just posting a meme doesn't seem to drive as much attention anymore.

    The more conversational a post becomes I'd bet the more it ends up in the algo feed so the more ++ it ends up getting.

    Dfox might need to share the secrets behind that though to confirm or deny my suspicions.
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    In germany there is a fitting saying:
    "Der Teufel scheißt auf den größten Haufen."

    Meaning: The devil shits on the biggest pile.

    This rule seems to apply in a lot of places to a certain extend.
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    Yes. Fake internet points. That why we ever do anything.... For those.
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    Rants from new members get a lot of upvotes even if they are green dots as long as they are good rants. As for people with higher upvotes getting more from random topics, it has to do more about context since they've been around long enough for even lurkers to know their stories.

    If I see someone post, "I got a house!" If that person is new, I wouldn't care much because I don't know them. If it's from an old user who I've watched struggle and read many rants about, I feel a lot happier for them. Backstory matters.

    My first rant when I first created an account here got a lot of upvotes mostly because they are in the right category, relatable, and angry. The third time I went back here, I used a different username and got the same result.

    This user, for example, has 32 upvotes all from one rant (also the first): https://devrant.com/rants/3004474/...

    Post not for upvotes but because you want to.
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    On a personal scale it depends on each person but on average the answer is yes. The ++ would encourage new users. We are social beings afterall, the comments the ++ or -- are all interactions.

    Nobody should be afraid to post their thoughts. Not because of grammar or judgement from other people.

    We just let the other person know "hey you who is angry, sad or happy on the other side of the planet, you aren't alone"
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    I don't give a fuck about points anymore.

    My posts don't get that much ++, don't care.

    I upvote what I like. No matter who posts or the amount of upvotes they have.

    As simple as that.
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    You can get notifications on people you follow. I bet a lot of those ++ come from there
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    If these ++ could be exchanged for money in real life, I would have been really offended, But it can't, So, why care?
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    Guys with high ++ have been there for long and spent there time in making this community, So, they deserve this benefit.
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    I see the same people every day, and I like it.

    They share their thoughts and this is my attention to them.

    This means that I like their posts, not mutual ones ++
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    I don't care, to be honest
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    I'm reminded of two places.

    One where folk who didn't get enough ++ complained to management and they removed the ++ option, so everyone felt equal.. (I guess it was maybe a communist forum..)

    Another where they got rid of the -- one, because folk who upset others complained that it wasn't fair they got -- scores..
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    I needed to see this. I'm new to the platform since I need an outlet to vent and rant about work since it's been stressful recently for me and I'm sometimes shy at times.
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    What do you even mean it’s a placebo of yours
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    That’s how the algorithms work on any social media platform.

    Not expecting it to be different here.

    likes = moreLikes
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