(And this is with his profile, only.)

What is this sorcery, you devil electrineer!

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    @C0D4 Wow. I feel so dumb right now. But I am not gonna delete the rant. Everyone should know how dumb I am.

    Stop flexing with your text-styling skills, dude. I am already ashamed.
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    @electrineer Fuck you, you preying asshole!
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    @Cyanide it's just white space, although @electrineer took it to another level with that infinite scroll 😎
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    @C0D4 Yeah and I hate him for that.
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    @Cyanide Don't worry, we all hate that "enganeer"

    Also, "Ha! Look at how dumb OP is!"
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    Who tho do you even need this? To be like “look what I can do, I’m different because I can format text and make my bio look weird?”
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    “\n” * 256

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    I recall I saw someone else do it and I stole it.

    P.S. I have no pants on behind the table. That's why the penguin looks away shocked.
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    Wish I could get more hairy legs and toes but this will do.
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    @electrineer That's perfect clothing for video conference calls 👌
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    @electrineer poor penguin looks scared
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