Developers: We can install and build a package without any errors easily.

NPM exists: Surprise MF's.

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    this shit is deprecated, that shit is deprecated, this shit unsafe, that shit unsafe AND deprecated.

    Ah, la vie bohem of the node dev, we on the edge on this mfker
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    my NPM is currently broken. the only way I can install packages is by editing the project json file and typing npm install. I'm not going through the stress of fixing it. I plan to reinstall my linux distro in the nearest future.
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    @ilechuks73 perhaps just buy a new computer to be sure
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    > npm install

    1,687 dependencies have been installed
    735 dependencies are depreciated
    428 dependencies are highly vulnerable
    2346 dependencies are looking for funding

    Type npm audit fix to fix vulnerabilities
    Type npm fund to fund all

    > npm audit fix
    > 1,687 dependencies have been removed

    Who ever throught a giant repo of useless fucked up unmanaged code would be a great idea.....
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    Tagging is wrong. Fix it.
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    If developers can install and build a package without any errors “easily”, then who the fuck is uploading all these shit error-ridden packages to NPM?
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