I have forgotten how to sleep anymore. Idk if it's a good thing or a bad one. Either way, I get extra hours to code. xD

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    Enjoy all sorts of brain problems in a couple years.
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    Insomnia is not a joke.
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    Not good. Really not good. As @Cyanide said, that's no joke.
    Eventually you will collapse.
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    @aviophile Assuming he'll make it past 20.
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    @Jilano tbh you won’t feel long term effects of lack of sleep until late 20s(in my case-even then you will have those effects but smaller effects are easy to miss) but then... it is not pleasant to realize you forget easiest things...

    I wasted some good night sleeps to coding in my youth but much more to video gaming. It is ok to occasionally(once or twice in a month) lose sleep to coding but not worth doing more. I hate the “charisma” of sleep lacking caffeine addicted software developer...
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    Bad thing. Eventually your brain will be so foggy you’ll struggle with the simplest things in programming or even elsewhere.
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    It's bad. Get some sleep.
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